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Preseason GDT 1: Leafs vs Sens W4-2

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I have an itch only the Leafs can scratch... Luckily this should help some.  Regular season can't come soon enough but looking forward to seeing some hockey again!


--- Quote from: Potvin29 on September 19, 2011, 09:58:02 AM ---It's free on too, I believe...

--- End quote ---

Yeah? So I don't have to go to a bar and waste all my money this week? :D

A Game Day Thread? I don't understand this thing I'm seeing. :P

I was looking forward to this GDT for the past week. I find that kind of sad.

Corn Flake:
Anybody want a pair of tickets for tonight's game?

Edit:  Tickets are GONE!

If no? PM Madferret.


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