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Preseason GDT 1: Leafs vs Sens W4-2

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Bleeding Blue & White:

Leafs are back!
full preview:

Players in the Maple Leafs lineup for tonight’s exhibition game against the Ottawa Senators are about to hit the ice for their morning skate at the Air Canada Centre.

Altogether 70 players were invited to camp, including all the rookies who turned in excellent performances at last week’s rookie tournament in Oshawa. But coach Ron Wilson wants to get down to at least 40 players by this weekend and down to 26 to 27 players by the following Thursday in preparation for back-to-back pre-season games against the Buffalo Sabres next weekend.

It’s nice to reward the rookies but Wilson doesn’t want that many bodies in camp as he prepares for a season.

With a big mobile defence, improved specialty team play and solid goaltending, Wilson says a playoff spot is definitely not out of reach despite the improvement of many of the other East Division teams.

Wilson said last week when camp opened that he’s made it clear to the Leaf brass that he doesn’t want to worry about where the team (and its future players) will be in two to three years.

“My primary responsibility is getting to the playoffs and getting off to a good start,” Wilson said.

This seemed to come very fast. Pretty excited to see some Leaf hockey again. The wait is over!


--- Quote from: dm_for_pm on September 19, 2011, 09:43:23 AM ---This seemed to come very fast. Pretty excited to see some Leaf hockey again. The wait is over!

--- End quote ---

Wonder what the lines will be. Looks like I'll be in tough saving money with all the preseason games...

A GDT! A GDT! Preseason but a GDT nevertheless!

Go Leafs Go!

It's free on too, I believe...


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