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@arn I get what you’re saying for Giordano but there is no way he takes league minimum. He clearly showed he’s still a top 4 dman. I’m sure he’ll take some kind of reduction, but min? No way.

Oh no I don’t necessarily think league minimum. I meant more Spezza type deal in terms of taking below maybe what he could get elsewhere to stay with the home town team. And less than he’s on now, hence saving something.

I also think he takes on that sort of veteran leadership role if Spezza does retire.

Which is why I think they’re most likely to run it back, at least as far as the core is concerned. They won’t come to the ‘run it back’ without careful thought and consideration, but, after doing that, I suspect they’ll find there aren’t any major moves out there at improve their chances and content themselves with some tweaks to the defense and around-the-edges tinkering to the forwards (Kerfoot trade).

In the end, they had a franchise-best season and then played like contenders against contenders and lost a coin-flip series because their PP gave out and the other team’s depth was 1-2 goals more productive than their own. That happens. It’s a missed opportunity, which is disappointing, but not a sign that there’s a fundamental flaw in the team.

Yup. I also don't think any of the core pieces are going anywhere, but I can definitely see some important non-core pieces getting moved. Someone (or someones) like Kerfoot, Muzzin, etc., could be moved if the right opportunities present themselves. There's room for improvement on the roster, though it's not among the core, but the next groups of players.

I can see the D being re-tooled a bit. If we can imagine Muzzin, Holl and Lyubushkin going, that saves $9m to redistribute round the D. Will touch on Giordano later.

The $1.2m Kessel retained money helps to cover a bit of the Rielly upgrade.

Obviously then Liljegren and Sandin both get new deals and I’d hope they come in around $2m each.

I’d see what we could get for Holl as well. Maybe we get a 3rd or 4th line piece.

I’d let Giordano come back if he takes a Spezza type deal which would maybe free up another $1m or $2m. Then target a “better” version of Lyubushkin for the top or 2nd pair. The big tough D Man.

That leaves you something like

Rielly - ???
Brodie - Sandin
Giordano - Liljegren

Then you have some young prospects who can come up and maybe a PTO for the 7th guy.

In terms of forwards I’d actually like to keep Blackwell, can’t see Mikheyev stay though. The third and fourth line maybe need better balance

It's somewhat ironic then that the biggest mistake Dubas has made as Leafs GM was made out of ruthlessness (trading Kadri).

Isn’t he UFA at the end of this season?  :-X

As I've said in a few of the GDTs, life and my advancing years are making it more difficult for me to cope with watching live games at midnight til 3am, especially now I have a 3 year old who likes to wake up at 6am.

So this year I've been watching the odd game live or recording games and watching them the next day while avoiding scores so it's kind of like watching live (it's not the same though, no matter what anyone says!).

All that to say that I feel slightly more divorced and less emotionally invested than in past years where I've watched all 82+ games live. I have a wee bit of a step back and bit more pragmatism.

I did, however, manage to tune in for games 6 and 7 of the playoffs and I really don't think the Leafs overall deserved to lose. Equally I'm not 100% sure they deserved to win either.

So I really don't think there's many changes that need to be made outside of the ones forced by cap and contract constraints. I really don't think the Leafs are much more than a couple of bounces or decent officiating away from a deep run.

I think the third/fourth line make up is one area where TB probably had us in terms of depth and contributions and maybe there's something we can do there.

And I think Tavares to the wing has definitely a strong case to be made. Can Nylander take a centre spot now though or do we need to find a 2nd line centre?

Trade everyone! Sack the coach. Sack the GM! Rabble rabble rabble.

I’m disappointed, sure. But that was an excellent series against back to back champs that on another night we win. Certainly we were at least equals in terms of play if not result.

Despite the effort, I feel it’s not happening.

That Paul goal was such a fluke. Leafs are cursed.

That’s what I mean,  it’s their goals we’re just lucky bounces.

By the law of averages leafs are bound to get a bounce or call in the third, right?

The curse is real.

First 17 minutes very good, last 3 minutes not so much.

This is an incredible game of hockey. Wow.

Boarding is permitted in Game 7s. Ok.

Brilliant start.

What an atmosphere.

Hey did you guys know that Corey Perry likes to shoot the puck at the opposing net before he leaves the ice for warm ups? I have never heard this information before.

What I always loves about these completely inane points is how seriously they tell us them.

Like they’re telling us the secret to eternal life.

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