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Leafs win. Matthews hits 40.  Oilers losing 4-0 in the first period against Vancouver. 

A PP that wasn’t trying hard to score with a 3 goal lead late

Hooking on the breakaway I guess isn’t a penalty?

Bad rebound Jack

I see we have hit the pet of the game where Montreal is allowed to take runs at guys because they are losing

Goat horns for Sandin on that one.  Good thing the refs can make up rules though.  I think we should call that one back because Montreal made a forward pass

Wait how the heck is just being in the crease a reason to waive off a goal

Nylander with 99 points in 116 games in the last season and a bit.

That’s 33G 70 point pace production

Yeah that’s a greasy penalty there

Spezza on a 46.6 point pace this year.

Oh no Engvall

Campbell looking sharp so far

2 goals on the first 5 shots against Andersen in his return to game action.

His afternoon ended with 12 saves on 14 shots in 30:52 (it was always the plan to only play him for half the game). I don't think him letting in 10 goals or 2 goals or 0 goals would have mattered much to the Leafs. Hopefully he feels good after the game and maybe he can shine a little brighter in the next one.
I saw the goals on him. 1st was a turnover, quick breakin 5 hole. 2nd goal turnover just outside the blueline, guy came in from the wing, D made a terrible play but I think Freddie lost his net a little bit and got beat far side. Made some good saves and his movement side to side looked comfortable. Baby steps for him.
Woll let one in from behind the net...ooops.

Yep.  At this point it’s conditioning and whether he can move.  I think you still start Campbell but hopefully we have a healthy Andersen ready to go in case

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