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Leafs Acquire Kyle Clifford for Future Considerations

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--- Quote from: L K on November 16, 2021, 04:34:50 PM ---I always forget...lets say the Leafs claim Brooks back.  They can send him to the AHL right away because he went through waivers and came back to us....if we wanted to call him (or Clifford) up they don't go through waivers again for how long before waivers apply again.

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From Capfriendly:

--- Quote ---A player does not need to pass through waivers if the player has not been on the NHL active roster for a cumulative 30 days since last clearing waivers, and has not played in 10 or more NHL games. CBA Reference 13.2(b)
--- End quote ---

Cap hit can be completely buried, so, just added 4th line depth for nothing. Works for me. Only real drawback is that he takes up a reserve list spot, but the team has a little wiggle room there.

Frank E:
I thought he was fine on the fourth line last year.  I'm down with it.

Edit:  year before last.

Dubas definitely traded for him to ensure he doesn’t take out Mrazek (again)

Significantly Insignificant:
"Now Jack, we can give you $5 million a year, but you wouldn't want to see us have to ship your good friend Kyle to Siberia, would you?  That wouldn't happen if you signed for $3 million a year.  I mean it's totally your choice, but before you make a decision, think of Kyle's cat."


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