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2021 NHL Entry Draft

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One week to go until what might be the messiest NHL entry draft ever.

July 23-24

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And we're off to an inauspicious start
In light of the Logan Mailloux news finally going public, I must say, this might be the worst draft I've ever covered in terms of character concerns. You're going to see a few surprising names drop, and that'll almost certainly be the reason why.— J.D. Burke (@JDylanBurke) July 16, 2021
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Oh good. Well, if there's one group of people who I want to be harsh judges of other people's "character", it's NHL executives.

Several NHL teams have dropped defensive prospect Logan Mailloux from their draft list after learning of conviction in Sweden.

From @coreypronman and me:— Katie Strang (@KatieJStrang) July 16, 2021
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News: Multiple teams plan to steer clear from #NHLDraft prospect Logan Mailloux after he was charged in Sweden with taking and distributing a photo from a consensual sexual encounter.

Other teams see him as a first-round talent.

Details from @DFOHockey:— Frank Seravalli (@frank_seravalli) July 16, 2021
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This was recently posted by Logan Mailloux. He is asking that he not be drafted this weekend.— Katie Strang (@KatieJStrang) July 20, 2021
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Obviously, this doesn't in any way absolve him of blame from his previous actions, but this does at least show some potential maturity and growth on his part, and that should be applauded.

(Though, the cynic in me is telling me this is all just so that he can try to get to near the top of the draft next year and get a max bonus contract)


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