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Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: The Donald
« on: Today at 10:41:19 PM »
Horrifying and senselessness
AR-15s readily available to civilians


I would kill for a tell-all book (or blog post) from Cam about his time with the Leafs.

I wonder if he got poached to another team that is employing CanucksArmy alumni.


Jim Paliafito profile:
He operated in the European leagues and had helped the Leafs land Lehtonen, Barabanov Mikheyev, Zaitsev.

Cam Charron was one of the hockey bloggers that got roped into Dubas' analytics department when he was hired back in 2014.


Just spitballing:

Comtois - Matthews - Anderson
Bunting - Tavares - Marner
Holmberg - Nylander - Engvall
McMann - Kampf - Blackwell
Steeves, Kase (if healthy)

Rielly - Brodie
Giordano - Liljegren
Muzzin - Sandin
Rubins (whoever doesn't need dev time anymore)

UFA whoever/Kallgren

I have projected Maxime Comtois (currently a Duck @ 2.03M with more dollars than cap hit for 1 year left) as a cheapo top-6 winger in a trade as a buy-low-make-good get. But it could be a higher profile LW to add to Matthews' wing (what's up, Taylor Hall?).

I've pushed Bunting and Marner down to maximize Tavares. Matthews isn't chasing individual records now, so the team depth performance takes higher priority. I'm grooming Nylander to take over 2C with a Swedish 3rd line.

I've graduated Holmberg, McMann and Anderson; nominally add Steeves and Rubins but these could easily be Robertson and Kral, but I prefer they get top minutes for development. If the team can see a role for him, Ho-Sang should get a look, but there isn't really a centre on the team that complements.

There should be money to accrue cap space for a bigger fish(es) at the deadline, but I ain't going to bother with the math.

Two games played in the WC for Nylander, two GWGs, on jetlag.


Toronto made TB look beatable. That’s just how good Toronto is and for the 10th time just convinces me more that Toronto is at worst the 3rd best team that made the playoffs.

Tampa was gifted a 5-on-3 when they were about to be beaten in 6 games. Credit to Tampa for making good on those gifts and locking things down after.

There is no shame in taking the reigning champs (and their referee friends) to the limit, even if it's a first round exit in this playoff format. If it was a proper format and we scrubbed out as a 4th seed vs 12th seed matchup, then yeah, we can be embarrassed and blow stuff up.

Omg Kadri hattie


Love this for us.




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