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We need an attitude coach
Wendel attitude is needed

We lost in the trenches. Mathews
smiling when he got man handled.
He should have popped whoever was doing
that . How many facewashes
did their defense give out . Our
core just smiled and took it.
And our so called tough guy signing
 was a dud

I remember everytime Sundin stepped on the ice , I felt like a goal was possible.
I had fleeting moments of that because of Nylander but nothing like the excitement of the big smiling Swede

Well said

Marner for any one of the Tkachuks

Hutch was clutch
Left hand Palmateereske
Deserves the game next start .

it's funny, I hated Spezza so much when he was in Ottawa......and now he's one of my favourites.
Always liked him as a person. Didn't like him because who he played for.
Also had the hate on for him, those beedy eyes always drove me crazy.  BUT I am warming up to him.

I always pegged him as a buffoon but it turns out he's awesomely awesome.

Make full coverage mandatory, be it cage or visor/cage combo, and get rid of the silly 4-min penalty for a highstick that bleeds.

I really don't get what the beef is with the double minor rule. Like, if it's just that it means that the difference between 2 and 4 is fairly arbitrary and down to chance then, sure, but most high sticks are unintentional and the difference between them hitting a guy and being a penalty at all is likewise fairly arbitrary and down to chance. All it does is just, hopefully, provide added disincentive to be careless with your stick.

I think you picked the right wording here: hope is not a plan to protect player health and safety. Pretty much every other hockey and stick+ball league has gone with the route to eliminate grievous facial injuries by implementing full protective coverage. Trying to disincentivize with an extra minor for accidentally making someone bleed is arbitrary as you say, and clearly ineffectual (especially if a followthrough high stick is for some reason A-OK).

Go full coverage, and no one has to lose their career to a freak stick to eye mishap, and the league gets to have more players drawing fans/eyeballs to games, especially when the risk is so easily mitigated. If people think this will give players license to start whacking faces, then refs are still well within their duty to call a slash, or intent to injure.

Side benefit: bye bye fighting.

And then we could call it men's figure skating  NHL style.
If I wanted to watch grown men fight each other I'd watch the UFC or Boxing.
Quit trying to change the game if the Refs would call the game as per the rulebook
things would be as it should . Crosschecking for example is overlooked too many times.
It is the N.H.L not rec hockey


1: The second line isn't producing

2: Their point totals are pretty good

1: It's not about point totals, it's about their play when not scoring!

2: Their underlying possession numbers are pretty good

1: It's not about possession numbers, their point totals aren't spread out enough!

2: Why is it better to have more spread out point totals?


Someone really needs to tell some people that being dumb loudly and repeatedly doesn't make you any less dumb.
I think he's not capable of having any of that sink in.

No I'm not. Guess other posts and other sites a lot must be as dumb as me. Keep living in your fantasy world boys. Maybe you're ok with mediocrity but I'm not.

No worries man. I totally understand the club has been under-performing vs expectations for what seems like forever; so the frustration is understandable; it's just that the team is doing pretty well this year, and a loss here and there is expected, especially with the tight schedule, so cherry picking those doesn't seem appropriate. How about once they lose 5 straight, we'll vent a little. Deal?

I'm not going to lie losses tick me off. Is that the case here no. We are #1 in the league no-one more happy about than me. What I do hate is a lack of effort and some aren't cutting it right now. I don't expect a lot from some of your fringe players because that's what they are. But when you're paid handsomely then I expect a little more. Everyone has an off game but at some point you have to start questioning production.

To change the subject slightly, how do you feel about what the Leafs did in the off-season on D?  To me, they finally got two guys who brought just what we needed in today's league: not a Derrian Hatcher eraser type but mobile guys who can move the puck quickly and efficiently out of the zone, who can play a 2 on 1, who make clever little plays along the boards to initiate a pass, etc.  Brodie and Bogo aren't exactly playing "tough" but they have been tough to play against.  And Holl has emerged as a solid 2nd-pairing guy, which I never thought would happen.  What's your take.

This just my eyeballs talking, I don't know what the advanced stats say about our team defense.  To me, they look much improved and as I said in a post the other day I think the stability on the backend has filtered through to the forwards' D-play too.
Really I swear this isn?t me, though I wish it were

I do have a theory about Willy softness (phrasing).

He has played underage and undersized for pretty much his entire development career, so of course he isn?t going to naturally play the body on puck retrievals or stop ups ? it never worked for him as a 15 year old against 18 year olds, or as a 17 year old in the SEL alongside his dad. What he did do a lot of was zip around the ice with the puck glued to his stick and setting up teammates for tap ins.

In the past two offseasons, Willy has bulked up quite a bit and lost some speed. He has converted it into resilience in receiving physical pressure on the boards to come away with pucks when most players would turn it over. So he won?t necessarily initiate a hit the way Hyman always does and Matthews has started to, but he can definitely shrug off most of what defensemen are trying to do to him when he is carrying it in.
   Very well said

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Wayne Simmonds
« on: February 05, 2021, 12:35:50 PM »
This is turning into exactly what the Leafs needed.
As much as everyone is trying to turn the game into Rec hockey ,
it is still a contact sport.  We need a guy who can be a bit of
a shit disturber and answer the bell.  I love it

Holy to argue stupid 3 on 3 .   It is pure pond hockey.  Bad change ???
How do you know maybe Nylander had instructions to make a quick change. The coaching
staff may have wanted a quick change.

I am having trouble seeing the numbers . The crest does not stand out.
Ohhhhh I hate these stupid uniforms.  Looks like they are inside out

Hate the jersey. 

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Federal Election 2019
« on: August 24, 2020, 09:36:18 AM »
Atta boy Nik

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Federal Election 2019
« on: August 24, 2020, 09:28:34 AM »
Yeah, I really want to put this country's economic recovery in the hands of a party who can't figure out how to have a leadership vote.
And I think everything is great we got an actor /
Drama teacher as a PM and now a journalist running the countries finances. In the real word these people would be fired under code of conduct . And everyone involved with WE should be facing embezzlement charges.
People wake up they stole our money

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