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Round 1: Edmonton Oilers vs. Winnipeg Jets

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--- Quote from: L K on May 26, 2021, 03:30:29 PM ---Full article. There were 8 playoff games this year and last in which McDavid unbelievably drew zero penalty calls.

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The officiating is certainly horrible....
But, is this on McDavid as well? Is he going to those spots on the ice? Like I said above, I didn't watch much of the series, but there's definitely penalties being called in other series. Not all of them that's for sure. But they're being called. So is it the officiating out for McDavid or McDavid not getting to the spots that he would usually get penalties called on him from. Just a thought.

It's a bit of both.  McDavid is a guy who's game is built on his speed and ability to do things with the puck while maintaining his speed.  It doesn't make him a transition only player but its one of his most dangerous attributes.  When guys are allowed to waterski him up the ice he's absolutely going to the places that should draw penalties because people are committing infractions against him.  He shouldn't have to stand in front of the net eating crosschecks to have interference and hooking be called elsewhere.

You're probably bang on with that assessment. I feel like this is a yearly discussion that's been ongoing for ages. It drives me crazy when things are let go that are obviously penalties(the defensemen interfering with the driving player after a dump in), yet a one handed "hook/hold" by Hyman is called. It drives me even crazier when a high stick of a puck over the glass is a guaranteed call

Heroic Shrimp:
JONES: Take a chill pill, Oilers fans. Get ready for a decade of dominance https://t.co/evppBe8oQy— Terry Jones (@byterryjones) May 28, 2021
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That's right, a decade of dominance.

A highlight:

"Is there a hockey club in Canada or in next season’s Pacific Division — maybe even in all of the NHL — you’d really rather watch for the rest of this decade?"


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