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What a playboy Kucherov. Ekblad looks like a rookie..

I saw Campbell's presser with the media.  He's going to go for top dollar and I don't blame him. Considering his age and earnings so far. But might mean the Leafs can't afford him.

And good for him if he does, but I hope it's somewhere else. Noodles mentioned 5x5 which O'Neill said no one is giving him 5x5. It won't be the Leafs. I think they should go after Husso if he's available.
One thing for certain, both Jack and Mrazek together won't be on the team next season. One or both are gone.

Not super surprising (especially given that you only make a move if a better one is available) but Shanahan confirms Keefe and Dubas will be back next year.

So before the playoffs I said I could support giving them both the 86 if they didn't get out of R1.  I wasn't clamoring for it, at least not very much.

But if this happens again next year, no excuses are good enough. In fact, it'll be hair on fire time.  If they can't get over this hump and at least look like they have a shot at a Cup before Matthews' contract runs out, he will decamp.

I really wish we didn't have to play this stupid game in the media with Matthews.  He has done absolutely nothing to indicate that he will go elsewhere.  The Matthews to Arizona stuff is made entirely because of where he lives.  We have clearly seen how well that has benefitted Toronto over the last 30 years with all the young superstars leaving at the first opportunity to sign in Toronto (hint, Tavares is the only one and it's borderline to call him young).  Matthews has done nothing to suggest he's not going to stay in Toronto short of not signing an illegal 20 year contract.  He signed an extension that would potentially maximize his earnings but nothing indicates he is going elsewhere.  Make moves to make the team better and have the best chance to win, don't make moves to appease a single player, especially when they have done nothing to suggest they need appeasement.
Just to add before someone mentions his NMC in the 5th and final year. Lots of stars have signed similar contracts. Crosby, Malkin, Toews, Kane, Getzlaf, Perry, Stamkos, Hedman and the list goes on.
Oh and none of them were friend with Beiber lol.

Marlies & Prospect Talk / Re: Niemelä and Hirvonen singed to ELCs
« on: Yesterday at 04:33:34 PM »
I listened to the presser and Dubas never said they'd be loaned back. He said they will be offered back to their clubs because it's part of the transfer agreement between the NHL and European Clubs. If the kids want to stay and play with the Marlies, they can. Just like Semyonov this season. Not in the NHL he can go back.

And to add he thinks Pontus Holmberg will challenge for a spot with the Leafs along with a few others.

Leafs Rumours & Speculation / Re: Armchair GM Thread 2022-2023
« on: Yesterday at 12:29:47 PM »
Also on a side note Bunting didn't do any better than the maligned Hyman.  That was disappointing.

3 straight years where a supposed-to-be linemate of M&M went into the playoffs injured, right (Hyman -> Foligno+Hyman - > Bunting).
Clearly Bunting was hurt but he still produced more then Hyman. No complaints from me.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: The Official TV Thread
« on: Yesterday at 11:51:46 AM »
The Staircase has been excellent so far,  on Crave.
Watched the original show on Netflix. Was very interesting.

Leafs Rumours & Speculation / Re: Armchair GM Thread 2022-2023
« on: Yesterday at 10:55:02 AM »
If Winnipeg is going to blow it up, maybe there's a path for Mark Scheifele to come in as a 2nd line center. I've looked and there aren't many options out there. Scheifele only makes 6.75 million. Probably still too much.

Scheifele is extremely one dimensional, and a noted locker room bad egg.
Agree. We don't want him.

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2021-2022 NHL Thread
« on: May 16, 2022, 09:35:03 PM »
Gawd, i hate that fake culture. And agreed, busta.

Anyways, everyone knows the answer is Pet Sematary.
Haha, yeah, no...Blitzkreig Bop, I Wanna Be Sedated for the win.

@arn I get what you’re saying for Giordano but there is no way he takes league minimum. He clearly showed he’s still a top 4 dman. I’m sure he’ll take some kind of reduction, but min? No way.
Agree. I can see him getting around 3-3.5M. Leafs will have to move on from Muzz and Kerfoot for sure. I don't think Campbell is coming back either. I think they need an upgrade.

It's somewhat ironic then that the biggest mistake Dubas has made as Leafs GM was made out of ruthlessness (trading Kadri).

You're confusing ruthlessness with the cap.
Kadri was not traded for cap reasons. He lost the trust of his teammates and management and Dubas attempted to shore up the D.

Leafs Rumours & Speculation / Re: Armchair GM Thread 2022-2023
« on: May 16, 2022, 02:18:18 PM »
Paul rejected a 2.5M deal from the Sens so I'm not sure 250K more from the Leafs will get it done.

Maybe it'll need a little bit more but he might have also just not wanted to commit to a team that wasn't going to be in a playoff position for the next little while. A big playoff run could also boost his value but he was also a guy dealt at the deadline for only a (good) 4th liner and a 4th round pick so I like him but I also don't think he's a guy teams will go nuts over in the offseason. Ian Mendes had an article at the Athletic looking at comparables for him while he was a sen and guys in the $2.5-3mil range were generally brought up.
That's a very good point. He may have wanted +money to stay in Ott.

The primary job of the GM is to do whatever he can to make the team better.  Dubas is in many ways the very model of a modern general manager: takes care of the players as individuals, exemplary with the community, wired up to the latest trends, etc., aside from all the usual GM duties.  But, like the team, the one thing he seems to lack is ruthlessness when he needs to call it forth.

I'm not saying trade Nylander, ask Tavares to waive, dump Keefe for Trotz.  What I am saying is that Dubas (and Shanahan) better be seriously discussing all those types of scenarios in their post-mortem.  Because if they aren't willing to break the hearts of their friends, they are not up to the job.
There is no doubt in my mind that these guys discuss every possible scenario. They just don't sit there and say, let's run it back and see how it goes.

Leafs Rumours & Speculation / Re: Armchair GM Thread 2022-2023
« on: May 16, 2022, 01:01:54 PM »
Paul rejected a 2.5M deal from the Sens so I'm not sure 250K more from the Leafs will get it done. I like the way you think though. I could see the Leafs going after Domi but not sure he'd be a top 6 option. It could be Bunting 2 though. Engvall is a good player but agree, would use him as a 4th liner on this team. Our 4th line just wasn't good enough and you kind of need that in the playoffs. Keefe wasn't comfortable with it all year.
I like Varlamov, but not his age lol. Overall, I think it's solid.

Welcome to Las Vegas, Barry Trotz?

Yeah...but Q and Maurice are out there too.
Don't see anyone grabbing Maurice. The Jets under performed for the talent they have. Q is interesting but not sure a team takes a chance on him either.

Well, the correct team won in the end. Shots were only 67-28.

That's an amazing draft.

This made me look up the 2017 draft and realize which goalie went immediately after the Leafs selection of Ian Scott in the 4th round and now I hate you.
Really unfortunate that Scott can't escape the serious injury bug.
Just saw Keith Petruzzelli was drafted by Detroit at 88. Hopefully he pans out, or one of the others. MacKay, Woll, Kallgren.

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