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Just curious as to everyones thoughts on the Leafs looking into Tony DeAngelo from the Rangers. I read there was some interest from more than 1 team in him at the deadline. I know the guy has issues not sure if the Leafs want to take that on. Having said that if a team can turn this kids mindset they would have a pretty solid, fairly young RH defenseman. Definitely be an upgrade in our top 6 and more importantly someone who can quarterback a PP, good skater and has a shot from the point. Kid had 53 points in 68 games 2 years ago. I know he's had issues but if a team can straighten him out would be a great pickup and might not cost a whole hell of a lot due to his issues. I wonder if Dubas and the Leafs were one of the teams.

No. Dude is toxic. Whatever he brings on the ice is less valuable that the disruption he'd cause off of it.


L K:
Talented play, absolutely.  I don’t want anything to do with him though.  His antics aren’t that if an immature kid.  He’s a full blown racist QAnon idiot. 

I think hockey really underestimated how much racism and/or right wing ism in the game overall but there is a big difference between the quiet stuff and the guy who can’t even be bothered to b screaming it from the rooftops.  Neither is good in my eyes but one creates constant headaches

Gerald The Duck:
That's a hard no for all the reasons mentioned already. I couldn't care less if he had the combined talent of Orr and Lidstrom.


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