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So obviously this is entirely speculation but it seems now that there at least seems to be at least some sort of "McDavid might ask for a trade" vibe out there what with the continued seasons of futility and his now being reduced to playing with pretty depressing linemates.

So, without thinking it's incredibly likely despite that, I suppose I was wondering what people thought might happen if McDavid did demand a trade. Would Edmonton keep him regardless? If not, what would they prioritize in a return? A top tier player or combination of players or would they want elite prospects and picks in order to at least partly combat the issue of having to hope that who they traded for would want to be in Edmonton?

And from our perspective, would you want the Leafs to be in on such a derby? What should they offer if so? Keep in mind that a winning bid would probably not have to be something that, just on the balance, Edmonton might like but would also have to be better than other competing bids(and there would probably be roughly 30 of those).

This sounds fun!

A 3-way trade between Toronto, Edmonton, and Arizona where Toronto gets McDavid, Arizona gets Matthews, and Edmonton gets a boat load of futures from both teams would pretty much be the coolest thing ever.

Some lunchtime reading. I spent time with Oilers GM Ken Holland this summer as he packed and planned.

His message for McDavid as the Oilers build: “You look at Ovechkin ... He was No. 1 overall. He was 13 years in the league before he won the Cup.”— Daniel Nugent-Bowman (@DNBsports) October 2, 2019
--- End quote ---

Cool cool cool.

Well year 12 will be when be can officially start with another team after his deal expires (barring a trade before that) so that 13 year timeline might just fit


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