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Had someone told Josh Ho-Sang he'd be playing in the Olympics a few months ago, he says he would've "laughed in their face."

"I wouldn't have been able to do this without the opportunity given to me by Kyle Dubas."— Joshua Kloke (@joshuakloke) January 26, 2022
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Ho-Sang's experience in the Toronto organization: "One thing that's really helped me is I feel very heard there. My opinion seems like it matters and that inspires me to be better on the ice, because I feel like I have a lot of stake in what's going on." #Leafs #Marlies— Terry Koshan 🇺🇦 (@koshtorontosun) January 26, 2022
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--- Quote from: Arn on January 26, 2022, 11:43:26 AM ---I see 4-plex buildings and all I can think is we have one public rink in the whole island of Ireland and it’s almost 40 years old  ;D

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I have 5 public outdoor rinks (3 with hockey boards, 2 without) within a 10-minute walk of my house. haha.

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It’s funny just the difference in cultures!

We have with our only one rink managed to produce one Team GB international and we currently have 3 young guys of around 17/18 years old getting playing time with our professional team in the British Elite League so I think we’re somehow punching above our weight!

William Nylander announces Petr Mrazek as the Leafs' starter Saturday in Detroit.— luke fox (@lukefoxjukebox) January 28, 2022
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Can... can he just do that?

Wild Bill Nylander, new Head Coach of the Toronto Maple Loafs.

thank you so much for this, leafs tik tok— vanessa|SAD leafs fan (@leafshockeyfan1) January 28, 2022
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