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--- Quote from: Nik on June 01, 2021, 11:43:05 AM ---
In retrospect I think the thing that kind of frustrates me is that despite everything we saw not working, there wasn't much of an effort to shake things up in response.

This seems to be an ongoing issue. In the infamous loss to the Zamboni driver I said the same thing. No matter how many times the Leafs power play got stood up with the same tactic trying to skate into the zone, they never tried anything else.

I don't want to be reductive but I can't help think some of this is on Dubas. I feel like a lot of the Analytic community arrives at what they think is best practices for a given situation and then won't be moved off it, even when it's obvious that the opponent knows it's coming and has game planned for it.

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Going to agree with you here Nik. As much as the coaches are ultimately making decisions etc on the PP at some point Dubas needs to come in and say enough is enough. The PP was dreadful for a long time but the most concerning and puzzling thing was the lack of change. Mind boggling to say the least. I lay blame on the entire management team for letting it continue for as long as it did. Hell they could've made some changes on the PP with no results but at least do something. Only switch was Sandin maybe for Reilly but that wasn't enough in my opinion and Keefe's love for Thornton on the PP was unacceptable.

Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate:
These last few posts remind me of another criticism of Keefe + coaches (and  ultimately Dubas) I've been mulling.  They have built a puck possession team that had a really good regular season, with fairly remarkable consistency (only a couple of slumps).  Great.  But these guys know that "playoff hockey" means a different set of rules that privilege lower-skilled teams.  Montreal was allowed to interfere virtually at will the entire series, thoroughly disrupting our puck movement and zone entries and hence really limiting the extended OZ time that is key to our success.  The ludicrous non-call on the tackle last night being just an in-your-face example.

Should this be the way it is?  Of course not, but that IS the way it is.  Keefe/Dubas should have seen this a mile off and figured out some alternative attack options (maybe more loft-and-fetch plays?).  Otherwise we are left seeing what we saw: trying to out-grind the other team and hope our goalie doesn't let in backbreakers like G1 last night.

Just to be clear, I don't think this is the only or even main reason we lost.  I think our core group has not yet developed that mysterious psychological state of mind required to put teams away when you have them down: the killer instinct, even though I don't like that phrase.

Well, we didn't sign in to be Leaf fans, we are born into it.  So the love hate will continue until we do have something to cheer about. Its been a weird, strange time to say the least. We need to get back to our proper division, with fans in the stands and regain some normalicy of life.
I thought the Foligno deal was an overpay at the time but also thought he might have been an  X factor in the playoffs.  Turns out that Hall may have been a better pick up for less expenditure, cause at this time looks like we pitched away a 1st round pick.  Wonder how many we could get back for Mitch?  Kidding, it won't happen.
Strange when the leading point man in the league, McDavid and the leading scorer in the NHL, Matthews get held to next to nothing in the playoffs.

Guess I will sip on some cold brews and watch the Jays and keep an eye on TFC.
See ya next year.

Frank E:
My short take is that apart from Nylander, Spezza, and Kerfoot, they pretty much sucked.

I couldn't even watch the last 10 minutes.  I'm really disappointed, but I really don't know how they fix this given the cap problems they've got.

I would support a head coaching change to someone that demands a little more accountability (the PP), but then again, Keefe didn't have much depth to change out players.  As for Dubas, I think he's going to be forced to make some difficult decisions here if he wants to keep his job...this 1st round exit is a trend.

Like Nik said, you need guys outperforming their contracts, and the Leafs just didn't have enough of those guys this playoffs. 

Guilt Trip:
Kid had a tough year but did well when he played. Hope he makes the big club next year and forces his way up the lineup
Nick Robertson was on the verge of being cleared from a concussion to join the #Leafs' taxi squad when the team lost Game 7 to Montreal.— Terry Koshan πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ (@koshtorontosun) June 4, 2021
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