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Canadiens @ Leafs - May 20th, 7:30pm - CBC, TSN 1050

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--- Quote from: L K on May 21, 2021, 09:52:33 AM ---I'm willing to give Wayne/Thornton a second game without a horrific injury early in the 1st period but at the same time "Wayne Train" had 1 hit in 12 minutes of ice time.  Nylander threw more hits than him.  Dude, you have 3 points in 20 games and no points in your last 10.  He's the first guy coming out of the lineup for me.

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I wrote earlier that I don't think the Leafs can get away with keeping all 3 of them (Thornton/Spezza/Simmonds) in the lineup, especially with another offensive black hole like Nash and to a slightly lesser extent, Mikheyev. That really puts the burden on the top 6 and now with JT gone for at least this series, that's even more pressure on the big 4. You can't play Marner 27 minutes and Matthews 24 every game and expect to go deep in the playoffs.

It'll be interesting to see what Keefe does but Gally needs to get in for certain, maybe Engvall.

Sandin may not quite be ready for playoff hockey. Offensively he looked pretty good on the early PPs and they came so close to scoring. Dermott though might be better defensively. Maybe they drop a forward and go with 7 d? What I noticed about Rielly is that to make decisions at times especially on the PP. Gives the defense too much time to shut down shooting and passing lanes.

I agree. Drop a forward, go with 7 D. Double shift Matthews.

That's what I would do. 


Actually not a bad idea.

Some of my friends are terribly upset with the @TheTorontoSun running a graphic photo of Tavares after his accidental collision with Perry. I say it's called being a tabloid. They were much more common before the world became so soft. Bad things happen. It's still news.— Don Brennan (@SunDoniB) May 21, 2021
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Anyone who still reads this garbage needs to give their head a shake.


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--- Quote from: Bullfrog on May 20, 2021, 12:39:41 AM ---I'm very happy to see Bogosian back. He's really won me over.

I feel a bit bad for guys who've been with the team all year, but having guys like Foligno and Nash mixed in with our stars is a great combo.

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I think back to what was my first real season following the Leafs and the playoff run to the conference final where Sundin was out for chunks and other “top” players missed time and the depth guys or grinders like Roberts and McAuley came through massively with big goals.

That’s what the likes of Galchenyuk and Engvall etc need to be ready for as their opportunity and role and if we get that.......

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Completely forgotten about that great run.

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So when I referenced this playoff run, one of the things I remember was missing our captain and best players for a long stretch.

I didn’t hope this series would resemble it quite so accurately.


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