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Posting issues. Happens a lot when I try and comment or just post. Page tries to load but just sits there. I usually close the page open another and back to the site. Sometimes can't even reopen just lags again. Now at times I'll turn wifi off back on then reopen the site. Happens on both of my devices phone and computer.

If anyone else has been having any issues with this please share your experiences as well with as much info as possible including which system/browser you are using.

You mentioned you were using safari, as ZBBM said in the GDT, a quick fix/temporary might be trying another browser like Chrome. At least in the meantime.

This would also help narrow it down to see if it's happening on all browsers or just safari.

Going to try and use Chrome from now on. I'll let everyone know how that works.

Been happening to me too. Sporadic and intermittent. Using iPhone/Mac and safari.

I'd suggest clearing cache and cookies to anyone effected.


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