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Roy Halladay dies in Plane Crash

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Bob Elliott on Prime Time right now choked up talking about seeing him down in Florida with his boys at the park.

I guess we all loved Roy.

The last time I saw him pitch live was his last home start as a Jay. 7-hit complete game shutout. They were the best seats I ever had for a blue Jay game. 11 rows behind home plate.

He finished his Jays career with a 3-hit CG Shutout against Boston 5 days later.

Thanks for the memories Roy.

Sheriff on Roy Halladay: "He was one in a million. Heart was a heart of gold. He was an unbelievable human being." https://t.co/9Q55nMEIKC— NBC News (@NBCNews) November 7, 2017
--- End quote ---

This was legitimately difficult to get through. RIP Roy.

So awful. I loved watching him pitch. Seemed like a great guy. God, I am so afraid to fly in a small plane....

I share Niks sentiments, I am gutted, Roy overcame a lot of trials early in his career and overcame them to become "Doc", what a tribute of a moniker if there ever was one. When they come along to making Legends Row for the Blue Jays greats, Mr. Roy Halladay will be front and centre.
How very sad.


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