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Marlies & Prospect Talk / Re: Niemelä and Hirvonen singed to ELCs
« on: Yesterday at 03:48:41 PM »
That's fair.  AHL production doesn't necessarily translate to the NHL either but having guys performing in the AHL also means they are just a phone call away from boosting the NHL roster.  Guys playing in Europe can't.   I'm not expecting either player to really be NHL ready next year either way but they aren't an option for the organization if they are in Europe even if they were having a stellar season.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, either. That way, we know for sure they're not bein brought up before their ready. An extra year of uninterrupted development can't hurt and it certainly can help.

Leafs Rumours & Speculation / Re: Armchair GM Thread 2022-2023
« on: Yesterday at 12:58:13 PM »
Yeah, I move Muzzin before Brodie.

Yup. In fact, I don't move Brodie until we know we have a clear replacement for the right side of the D. I'd like to see him back with Rielly full time. I'd set the D like this going into next season (barring any major moves, of course):


General NHL News & Views / Re: 2021-2022 NHL Thread
« on: Yesterday at 08:10:20 AM »
Anyways, everyone knows the answer is Pet Sematary.

I see you Pet Sematary and raise you Howling at the Moon.

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2021-2022 NHL Thread
« on: May 16, 2022, 04:56:12 PM »
Well, if I didn’t hate him before (I did)…

Which is why I think they’re most likely to run it back, at least as far as the core is concerned. They won’t come to the ‘run it back’ without careful thought and consideration, but, after doing that, I suspect they’ll find there aren’t any major moves out there at improve their chances and content themselves with some tweaks to the defense and around-the-edges tinkering to the forwards (Kerfoot trade).

In the end, they had a franchise-best season and then played like contenders against contenders and lost a coin-flip series because their PP gave out and the other team’s depth was 1-2 goals more productive than their own. That happens. It’s a missed opportunity, which is disappointing, but not a sign that there’s a fundamental flaw in the team.

Yup. I also don't think any of the core pieces are going anywhere, but I can definitely see some important non-core pieces getting moved. Someone (or someones) like Kerfoot, Muzzin, etc., could be moved if the right opportunities present themselves. There's room for improvement on the roster, though it's not among the core, but the next groups of players.

There is no doubt in my mind that these guys discuss every possible scenario. They just don't sit there and say, let's run it back and see how it goes.

They definitely discuss the same scenarios fans like us bring up. And, outside of trading Matthews and Marner, I have to imagine, they've giving everything due consideration. They'll listen to whatever offers are out there and, if they feel a move makes the team better, they'll make it. What they're not going to do is make moves for the sake of making moves or to look like they're doing something.

Smith is old and more suited as a backup though, he only makes 2.2M too.  I get their cap situation, but I'm sure they would be the type of team willing to spend a bit more on goaltending given it's been a problem for them for several years. The Mrazek contract is a problem for the Leafs, if you can't get that $3.8 off the books, how much are willing to spend total in goalie costs?

I'm not saying they won't be interested. Just that their cap situation mean they can't offer dramatically more than the $2.75M the Leafs did. I suspect they max out in the $3.5M range.

Welcome to Las Vegas, Barry Trotz?

Koskinen's deal in Edmonton is done, they have $4.5M to roll on a goalie, I could see them taking a chance on Campbell.

They still have Smith signed for next season, only 15 guys on the current roster signed, and just over $7M in cap space to fill out their roster. They're looking at about half their available cap space taken up just by plugging holes at the league minimum. Without other moves or completely foregoing upgrades elsewhere, they don't have room to offer much more than the Leafs did.

Interesting to hear him say that the Leafs last offer to Campbell was around $2.75mil and that he doesn't expect him back though.

There's still a lot of time for that to change. I'm also curious as to when that offer was made. I'm not convinced he'll get significantly better offers on the open market this summer - though, the goalie market could be very interesting, as there are a number of (mostly bad) teams who will probably be looking to add but not a ton of proven starters as UFAs.

Tampa in 6. Florida struggled against a far less talented Washington team. They won't be able to get past the Bolts.

Colorado in 6. Suspect we'll see a slow start to the series for the Avs, but they're just miles better than the rest of the West.

Didn't expect either of these teams to be here, so . . . Rangers take 7 games to earn the right to lose in the next round, I guess?

Flames in 5. The Oilers aren't going to be able handle them defensively. This is not going to be a a classic Battle of Alberta by any means.

I’m just gutted right now.  The Leafs put it all on the line there.  Can’t hold it against them. 

One team got a goal called back.  The other team got gifted a 5 on 3 when trailing.  Officiating was shit in this game.  The amount of holding Tampa got away with behind the play was absurd.
The series reffing was garbage. That hit on Bunting should've been something. They gifted Tampa calls last game for them to tie and win the game. It's atrocious. At this point I'm thinking there are enough refs that are as tired as the rest of the league about hearing about the Leafs so they job them.

Not just this series. Around the league, it’s atrocious. Been going steadily downhill for the last 20 years, and nothing seems to be getting done to fix it.

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