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Series 48: Blue Jays @ Twins ( Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun. Sept. 14 to 17, 2017)

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 Estrada got the win and reliever Matt Dermody the save.

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I'm really interested how you record a save in a 7-2 game pitching 1 inning?

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My insert, my bad.  He just closed out the ninth without the save. 

Blue Jays 7  Twins 13

The Bringer of Rain, the Jays' Josh Donaldson, did it again as he had done Saturday's victory, hitting two homers in powering Toronto to a...wait...this wasn't a win...

...not the same result even though the Jays were ahead 5-0 ias the second inning rolled around, before the roof fell in, so to speak, on Jays' starter Joe Biagini.

Minnesota scored six runs off Biagini who lasted just a little over 1+ innings, and proceeded to erase Toronto's lead enroute to a blast of a win.

Chris Rowley didn't fare any better in relief as the Twins scored six runs off him, all in the fifth inning.  The Twins' Mauer was one of those as he whacked a grand slam that started the Twins' drive.

All is not gloomy as the Jays' J.D. (that's Donaldon) who's second home run of the game brought it to #30 -- the third consecutive year he has hit 30 homers.  In fact, Donaldson is the only A.L.er with the most homers since the second half of the season as well as in consecutive multihomer games.

Game http://www.cbc.ca/sports/baseball/mlb/toronto-blue-jays-minnesota-twins-recap-sunday-1.4293891

Mauer hit the Grand Slam in the 5th, off Rowley, no?


--- Quote from: Arn on September 18, 2017, 04:32:40 AM ---Mauer hit the Grand Slam in the 5th, off Rowley, no?

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Yes,  though I had to find a photo depicting the description to confirm that.  But yes, it was against Rowley that started the Twins' drive in earnest.


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