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Rogers Centre New Turf: Less than Satisfactory?

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By 2018, the Rogers Centre should have a "natural grass field" for the Jays.

The idea began in 2014, even though the field currently sports the new artificial turf that was placed in this season (2015).

Replacing with grass will most doubt take time, but it will get done, a promise first stated by Jays President Paul Beeston and others in the Blue Jays organization.

"We need the time as well to make sure we do this right, because we’ve got one shot at this,” said Stephen Brooks, the Jays’ senior vice-president of business operations.

“As soon as you put jackhammer to concrete . . . you better know what you’re doing.”

Though the partnership has yet to be formalized, the Blue Jays are working with researchers at the University of Guelph to test and develop the blend of grasses best suited to the Rogers Centre’s unique conditions and also the methods by which it will be maintained.

Here it is: (article dated April 2014)


For the record the "This is stupid, this field should have natural grass" idea did not start in 2014. It dates back at least to July of 1990 when a 8 year old me went to his first game at the Dome.

The Blue Jays realizing what everyone else did 25 years later did not represent bold new thinking.


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