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Series 31: Jays at Mariners

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--- Quote from: Darryl on July 25, 2015, 06:01:35 PM ---I would gladly deal Hutchison.

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No point in dealing him while his value is this low.

But his splits are really intriguing. He has an ERA of around 2.00 in his home starts (a hitters park) and a joke of an ERA on the road. He's still young and was rushed to the majors before sustaining a long injury; he has so little mileage on that arm. AAA wouldn't be a bad idea.

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Sadly with the complete lack of SP depth they don't have anyone who could take his spot should he go on a short trip to AAA.

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Yea they are in kind of a bind. I guess that's why Doubront is still in the rotation. Suprising that they a) inserted Sanchez to the bullpen and b) sent down Delabar (who has looked quite good), particularly with their SP weakness.

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Yeah don't get me started on the way this team has treated Delabar! I don't care that Loup and Cecil are lefties, they have pitched far worse than Delabar has. Loup coughed up the gopherball in extras today...he should be the one in Buffalo.

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Loup has been awful all year. Great, he's a lefty. Except he can't get lefties or righties out. Very useful.

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It makes me wonder why anyone thinks that adding one starter is going to make any of a difference at all. The latest victim of the BS game is Bo Schultz. They get one reliever pitching well and use him as much as they can until he inevitably starts to fail. Osuna has come back to earth, and this may be the start for Bo.

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2 starters and 2 relievers is the starting point. And they have the worst LF defense in MLB history. And they have almost no left-handed hitters (the few they do have aren't that great either).

But I'm not sure you can blame Gibbons for his bullpen use. What's he supposed to do? His options are atrocious. Osuna was used so much because, as sad as it is to say, the 20 year old is the bullpen's best and most reliable option. With him now in the closer's role Gibbons has to find another guy. Probably why Sanchez was put in the bullpen and I'm sure he'll be used as much, and probably more, than Osuna was being used.


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