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Rick Couchman:
We`ve had some issues this summer.  First, we had a database corruption.  We have permanently lost 5000 members and hundreds of thousands of posts.  Nothing makes me sadder than losing that.  On top of that we had to upgrade to a more secure version of our forum software (SMF 2.0) and our old theme is not compatible with the new version.

So, we`re using a new database.  This means that if you were previously a member of our forums, and your login doesn`t work any longer, you`ll have to create a new new login and profile.  Feel free to choose your old username if you wish.  We`ll quickly approve your account and we`ll be glad to see you back posting.  Same goes for new members - sign up and we`d love to see you interacting with our regulars!

We`re sorry for the inconvenience, but we`re back in business!

I feel your pain about losing the content, but I think the culture, wisdom personality here will take care of filling up the new space. Change is hard, but as the Worlds best fans, we'll get through this together...

Again, welcome back Rick...

*sob* I want my 9985 post count back :``````-(

oh well.

I'm just glad that 1. Rick's back and 2. this place is more or less back to 'normal'

Does that mean I'm not the BearyBestLeafFan anymore?


--- Quote from: LittleHockeyFan on August 17, 2011, 08:29:19 PM ---*sob* I want my 9985 post count back :``````-(

--- End quote ---

You think that's bad... I had like 14700 + (not all winners I know) but that's less than 300 from being a HOFer! Oh well, what's another 4/5 years?  :-\ Anyway, I'll trade 'em all any day just to be here.  8)

while that's all a bummer.... I'm just glad we are alive again


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