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Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Leafs 2021/2022 Schedule in 10 game chunks
« on: January 20, 2022, 09:47:27 AM »

We need 4 straight W’s and we can save this chunk Zee.

No defense

Jesus. Again awful defense and another back door play.

Isn't he more of a Rielly type?

Big Swedish Barrie

Absolutely love Swedish berries.  ;D

Jesus. Again awful defense and another back door play.


Oh my - that Nylander pass.
That was sweet..

Yeah. That was a beautiful work of art .

So the leafs are,
I would say, kind of in a slump for the first time since the start of the season and are 3-1-1 in that stretch. So things could be worse, but still getting points with bad habits could be a worrying trend.

Anyway, I’ll chalk it up to the big layoff and the people in and out of the lineup. Campbell is also starting to look a little normal as well.

The biggest worry for me is if the season ended today we’d be facing the Lightning in the first round. That matchup doesn’t breed a lot of confidence in finally getting to the 2nd round of the playoffs. Let’s hope that changes.

Mrazek is not good at poke checks.

My Canadian friends who made it to Arizona for the winter are saying nobody are wearing masks anywhere and people are living their lives as normal.  Covid is of course running rampant but no one seems to care.

The states are running with the herd. We’re building our dams and staying close and safe like good little beavers.

EDIT. And this just in … U.S. CDC advises Americans to avoid travel to Canada, cites pandemic… Are you kidding me? LMAO

Edmonton now has 11 players in COVID protocol.  Protect Matthews.
Didn't they already have a whole bunch of their team in protocol?

Get aboard the herd immunity train. Nobody gets left behind. :)…. ‘Aaaaaall aboard!’

🎶 I Hear The Train A-Comin'; It's Rollin' 'Round The Bend,
And I Ain't Felt My Freedom Since I Don't Know When,
I'm Stuck in Covid Prison And Time Keeps Draggin' On.
But That Train Keeps A-Rollin'
On Down To San Antone.

I Coughed On A Man In Reno Just To Watch Him Die.
When I Hear That Whistle Blowin'
I Hang My Head And Cry. 🎶



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