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So fun and it is only 11am
Go Leafs Go


Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: 2021-22 Training Camp Thread
« on: October 11, 2021, 02:05:22 PM »
Montreal claimed Adam Brooks

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: 2021-22 Training Camp Thread
« on: October 08, 2021, 01:19:57 PM »
Mennel, Seney and Anderson all clear waivers.  That's a good sign for a strong Marlies team this year.

Good, Mennel and Seney really caused a good impression IMO.

So, Mikheyev still can't score on a breakaway against the Habs...
Overall a good game by the Leafs...

I think the Isles success is more related to Trots and his style of play that is being demanded. Lou has made some pretty questionable signings on the Island (Uncle Leo etc) that looks pretty bad.
Totally agree with this.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: 2021-22 Toronto Maple Leafs General Discussion
« on: September 30, 2021, 10:34:49 AM »
I get the pressure for results, specially in Toronto.
Last year was a fluke, this team was suppose to win 4-0, that Tavares injury was very unluck one in the opening period of the opening playoff game.

In a parallel universe the Leafs went injury free and into distance in the playoffs.

I can't blame him on a fluke injury miss fortune.

But not moving on from the 1st round again this year will cost him his job... and I do like him a lot, he is very smart and out of the box thinker, plus not a dinosaur in the league.

UK TV Omen watch

Game 1 - BT Sport - Habs - 0-1
Game 2 - Premier Sports - Leafs - 1-1
Game 3 - PremIer Sports - Leafs - 2-1
Game 4 - Premier Sports - Leafs - 3-1
Game 5 - BT Sport - Habs - 3-2
Game 6 - BT Sport - Habs - 3-3
Game 7 - Premier Sports - ? - ?

I have a good feeling about this one. It is my son's 10th birthday today, this should be a great night.

Go Leafs Go

I hope for a huge win tonight.

Also hoping that Spezza move's on to the 2nd line, he is playing great and should play more.

my ideal 2nd line would be: Spezza - Kerfoot - Marner (I would put Nylander on Marner's place on the 1st line too)

Anyway, Go Leafs Go!!!

I disagree with the old man line.

Spezza has the most points/60 in the entire Leafs team. He needs to be bumped up on the lineup

I was overthinking the loss and came up with some lineup changes:

Hyman - Matthews - Nylander
Spezza - Kerfoot - Marner
Foligno - Envgall - Mikheyev
Simmonds/Galchenyuk - Nash - Thornton/Galchenyuk

On D if Muzzin is off that is a big shoe to fill.

Bump Bogozian up and limit Dermott - Sundin minuts.

Campbell all the way.


Just win game 7 Leafs for a change

This team has aged me at least 10 years.  ;D :o ::)

Please don't give up a 2-0 or even a breakaway in OT.
Smell the blood and finish them.

Go Leafs Go!!!

Why is so hard to be a Leaf fan?

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