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Guilt Trip:

--- Quote from: Stebro on February 23, 2020, 11:43:32 AM ---I think that Dubas knows that if the leafs miss the playoffs his job can definately be at stake, the question is if it will have an impact on potential moves before the deadline. I know that Marner, Nylander etc are long term pieces, but when Marner talks so much about effort, and Nylander also is an on and off player, and Matthews says "we just kind of quit", it makes me question whether we build around the right characters or not. We need a better group of leaders. I don't think that this is just a case of being young.

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Dubas is going to stick to his overall plan. He's not going to make knee jerk trades. Matthews said we kind of quit back in Nov I believe. I haven't seen him quit since. He's arguably been our most consistent player all year and def since Keefe took over. I've said it before, Marner is my biggest concern because he's been "off" or trying to live up to his contract when he should just play. He doesn't have to be a 10 mill player every shift. As for Willy, he's been pretty bad since the flu bug especially in his own end. If you watch him, he stands around a lot not covering anyone and struggles at time getting the puck out. His compete level against the boards at times in also non existent. That's an issue and adds to the JT's line struggles defensively.


--- Quote from: KadriFan on February 23, 2020, 10:15:15 AM ---I'd love to see Dubas get bold.  Maybe JT for Petry and Domi.  Things need to get shook up a bit in the top 6.

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Actually I was never a fan of the JT signing (I never got him on the Island), think it was more of a Leafs coming out statement.  I would imagine he has some pretty stringent no trade clauses in his agreement? 
I like the move if we could make it.

Guilt Trip:
JT has a NMC.

Thought so, Leaf for Life, he is capable of much better play and leadership.  Time to bring it on Johnny T.

Talks are on-going between the #Canucks and Leafs for Barrie, let’s see where this ends up.— Rick Dhaliwal (@DhaliwalSports) February 23, 2020
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David Pagnotta says the Leafs are looking for a first round pick and a high prospect that they can ultimately swap out with Kapanen, whose name is popping up, for a long term solution.— Editor in J (@Account4hockey) February 23, 2020
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For the record I would be very happy to be wrong about Barrie's trade value.


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