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Chael Sonnen returns to the cage at UFC 136 and gets Brian "All-American" Stann. This after making some disparaging comments about several Brazilian fighters.  Following that, UFC 137 sees GSP against Nick Diaz and BJ Penn face Carlos Condit.

I think I like Sonnen, GSP and Condit....

Mr. Patience:
I'd have to go Sonnen, GSP and Penn.  I'm surprised Nick is getting a shot.  Perhaps the punchers chance, but I don't think he's in the same class as GSP or some of the other top contenders.

GSP has nobody left to beat at 170...I'm not even excited at hearing about his fights anymore because the outcome is never really in question. Especially in this match. GSP is gonna make Diaz look pretty  bad imo.

I agree about GSP at 170.... take your time and move up or retire... its over at that weight class... its really that simple


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