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John Tavares a Leaf in 2018?

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According to New York Post writer Larry Brooks, New York Islanders captain John Tavares may very well become a Toronto Maple Leaf in the year 2018.

Tavares, who's in his fourth year of a six year contract at $5.5M/Y, is frustrated with the Islanders state of affairs.  Firstly, the Islanders play at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, but practice in Long Island.  The commute is said to be tiring and many of the players including Tavares, are fed up of this arrangement.  There is currently no practice facility for the hockey team in Brooklyn, strange as it all sounds.

Secondly, considering that the Islanders haven't made much stride in their quest to advance in the playoffs (their early exit last season) and there's no telling how they will fare this post-season neither. 

With Tavares becoming an impending UFA in two years, the thought of him being signed by the Leafs will surely make many fans happy, even though Tavares will be all of 27 by then, but certainly a good addition to a Leaf team that may begin to blossom into a competitive unit.

Who knows?  We'll see.

Peter D.:
Yes please.

I'm also queuing up the Subban and McDavid rumours because Mike Babcock said he will make Toronto a safe place and players from the GTA will want to come back.

Larry Brooks is the NYP writer for the Rangers. I think he's just lobbing a flashbang into the Islander's territory and he knows that mentioning Toronto will generate traction even though it is all unsubstantiated speculation.


Yeah, this doesn't seem like anything other than the "Player X is from Ontario, you know what else is in Ontario? The Leafs!" stuff we've probably heard about 95% of local players.

My dad told me he's signing with the Leafs guys, book it.


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