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Heroic Shrimp:

--- Quote from: Bullfrog on June 24, 2022, 09:26:03 AM ---that's awesome HS!  I did "stickman with big feet" and it give it giant feet for hands!   ;D

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My favourite of my own attempts thus far:


Heroic Shrimp:

--- Quote from: Bender on June 26, 2022, 11:23:22 PM ---

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--- Quote from: L K on June 26, 2022, 03:01:31 PM ---Travelled for work for the first time since the pandemic.   Airport security was fine…..

First flight cancelled on me.   Earliest the airline could rebook me was 3 days later. 

Had to pay a premium for another airline to get a flight back to Pearson.  Have now been sitting waiting for a ground crew team
For 1.5 hours after landing.   

Don’t think I will agree to work for another hospital not within driving distance any time soon.

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I've done a couple of trips and been ok, bar a few long-ish security queues.

But since people have started to ramp back up for holidays the airlines and airports in Europe are really struggling.

Airports let loads of staff go during the pandemic and now can't get staffed up enough so we're seeing not enough security lanes open for the numbers of passengers, with people queuing out the doors onto the roads and waits of over 4 hours.

Dublin airport literally painted a line on the road and said, "if you're not past this line 3 hours before your flight just go home cos you're not getting there on time".

Similarly airlines don't have enough stewarding staff and flights being cancelled cos the staff have worked too long shifts.


So I'm not saying this about the people in this thread(and certainly not LK) but I find a certain amount of despair in the complaints about the problems with air travel.

Leaving aside the environmental reckoning we're going to have to deal with in terms of air travel on demand(and boy howdy, are going to have to reckon with that) disruptions with air travel were such a natural and predictable consequence of the Western world's Covid policy of "Pretend it isn't happening and let the weak die in the service of people's convenience" that I really would have thought that at the very least there'd be less complaining about it.

I mean, just the physical realities of air travel mean airline staff are the most exposed to Covid and air lines aren't going to have this massive roster of staff on stand-by to fill in...like, how did people think air travel was going to work in a post-Covid world?


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