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Canada Announces Players Invited to Camp for World Juniours

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What happened to Stuart Percy?


--- Quote from: lamajama on November 28, 2011, 05:20:34 PM ---What happened to Stuart Percy?

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I suspect that if he continues at his early season point per game or so clip, he'll be a late addition or injury replacement.


--- Quote from: lamajama on November 28, 2011, 05:20:34 PM ---What happened to Stuart Percy?

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Is he still hurt?


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--- Quote from: LittleHockeyFan on November 28, 2011, 03:53:49 PM ---woooo! Two Barrie Colts on that list: Mark Scheifele and Tanner Pearson. Hope they both make the team!

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Scheifele is pretty much a lock to make the team. Pearson is an interesting case as he's absolutely tearing up the OHL right now and he's not exactly a small player, but he seems to have come out of nowhere this season and isn't being mentioned much as a potential pick for the team. I'm guessing there's some defensive/skating issues that are holding him back?

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Pearson plays on the top line and on the first PP unit. Don't think they really expect much in the way of defense from him  ;) He's reaping the benefit of  captain Colin Behenna setting him up all the time too.

Seriously though, he and Behenna are scoring in batches. The Colts aren't particularly defensive minded in my eye..... they win a lot, they score a lot, but their games are often like 6-4 and 5-4 kinda finals, so they get scored on a lot too.

Scheifele is a little more defensively responsible, but he also owns the puck. And by that I mean, he has it, he carries it a lot so the play's in the opponents' end....I think before he makes the NHL full time, he's gonna have to improve in the other end as well.......which is tougher to do when you're on a team that's always in possession of the puck.

On a related note, it's funny how completely the Colts have turned it around in just a year. OHL final two seasons ago, stunk out the league last year, and are burning it up again this year.


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No offense Fanatic but you stink at starting threads.


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