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Remembering Mr T

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You will be missed.

Just saw this. Truly one of the more thoughtful and articulate posters on this or any sports forum. He had a way of disagreeing with utter civility--the perfect counterpart to a good debate. I wish his family all the best.

Sad to hear of Mr. T's passing.  I haven't frequented the boards in a few years.  He was a great poster!  The best Game Day Threads... Condolences to his family and friends (including those of you online).

Rest in peace Chris.  I get here less often, was sad to read this.

Oh man I just found this thread. I've barely been on the site over the summer.

Mr. T was an awesome poster. I was definitely thinking the worst when he stopped posting quite a while back but getting the news confirmed is heart breaking.

I will miss his deep perspective on everything Leafs and hockey.

A special MOTM vote to you Chris... RIP


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