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Rick Rypien has been found dead in his Alberta Home

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by JoeNerfHerder
reports are confirmed via @mirtle of the #GlobeandMail that police have confirmed Rick Rypien has been found dead in his Alberta Home
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Too young, too soon, RIP Rypien :/

Rypien, who signed with the Winnipeg Jets in July, had missed most of last season because of a leave of absence from the Canucks for personal issues.

Local RCMP told The Globe and Mail on Monday night that the death was not suspicious.
Off the ice, however, he battled depression, and his leave of absence last November was the second he took as a member of the team in the past three seasons.

... the Jets gave him a chance to re-establish his career there when he was signed a one-year, $700,000 (U.S.) contract as a free agent this summer.

“Everyone that knows me, knows that everything that was happening didn’t reflect me as a person and it’s not like I was doing anything wrong,” Rypien told the Winnipeg Free Press at the time. “I went through a couple of things I had to deal with, I got over it – it took longer than I wanted.

“But just the interest people had in me and the belief people had in me … it means a lot to me. It makes me believe even more in myself. They see something in me as a person that maybe sometimes you don’t see yourself. They point that out and then you believe in yourself more and then hope you reach the potential they see and you see in yourself.”

Very sad

wow!  what a shame!

Yet another enforcer goes down.  Depression?  This seems like a trend among these types of athletes.  No one, IMHO, enjoys being one.  Whatever it is, whatever it was... R.I.P. Rick Rypien.
Condolences to the family.

R.I.P. Rick...

Condolences to his entire family and his friends. Tragic news.


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