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Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Faceoffs and Zone Starts
« on: October 20, 2013, 06:17:54 PM »


Bozak           73/149
Kadri            44/98   
Bolland         53/122 
McLement      20/39 

Bozak          15/46
Kadri            0/1
Bolland         4/9
McLement     4/11

Bozak           20/34
Kadri            17/25
Bolland         1/6
McLement     1/3

Offensive Zone Faceoffs
Bozak           15/43
Kadri            13/25
Bolland         14/29
McLement      8/18

Defensive Zone Faceoffs
Bozak           26/50
Kadri            19/42
Bolland         13/37
McLement      14/33

Offensive Zone Start
Bozak           46.2%
Kadri            37.3%
Bolland         43.9%
McLement      35.3%

Offensive Zone Finish
Bozak           47.8%  (+1.6%)
Kadri            45.6%  (+8.3%)
Bolland         55.1%  (+11.2%)
McLement      41.3%  (+6.0%)

- Kadri and McLement spend the most time starting in the defensive zone on the team
- Kadri and Bolland do the best job of ending their shift with the puck in the opposite zone
- Kadri does the best job at winning offensive zone faceoffs
- Bozak and McLement have been the best at taking defensive faceoffs

Completely irrelevant conclusions:
- Kadri should get more offensive zone opportunities because he actually takes advantage of that ice-time
- Bozak should spend more time in the defensive zone where he has more success

OUT: Clarke MacArthur, Ryan Hamilton, Mike Kotska (assumption), Mikhail Grabovski, Leo Komarov, Matt Frattin
IN: David Clarkson, TJ Brennan, Dave Bolland

Year     GP     Goals     Assists     Points     +/-     PIM     GiveAway     TakeAway     Blocks     Hits          ES Points     PP Points     PK Points
Outgoing Players     250     29     41     70     -4     105     126     73     163     405          58     12     0
Incoming Players     112     25     23     48     -22     108     40     41     56     158          32     15     1
NET Change     -138     -4     -18     -22     -18     +3     +86     -32     -107     -247          -26     +3     +1

There are obviously a lot of moves that need to be done to shore up the lineup at this point but on the whole, the Leafs are going to hit less, block fewer shots and probably be a net-neutral offensive team next year given that they need to make up 22 points based on their 3rd/4th lines and bottom pairing defensemen.

Some of that offense might improve if Kadri maintains last years pace and Gardiner produces offensively.   I'm just not seeing the big difference in the team on a very superficial basis.  That being said I think there were enough flaws in the team last year that things had to change.  I'm just not sure how much they will.

With Detroit and San Jose losing their Game 7 matchups, the Leafs draft position is made official.

1. Colorado            11. Philadelphia            21. Toronto
2. Florida            12. Phoenix             22. St. Louis
3. Tampa Bay             13. Winnipeg            23. Washington
4. Nashville             14. Columbus             24. Vancouver
5. Carolina             15. New York             25. Montreal
6. Calgary             16. Minnesota             26. Anaheim
7. Edmonton            17. New York            27.
8. Buffalo            18. Detroit            28.
9. New Jersey            19. Ottawa             29.
10. Dallas            20. San Jose             30.

*Buffalo gets Minnesota's 1st round pick from the Jason Pominville trade
*Columbus gets New York's 1st round pick for the Rick Nash trade
*Calgary gets St. Louis' 1st round pick from the Jay Boumeester trade
Pending draft picks
*LA's pick will go to Columbus from the Jack Johnson-Jeff Carter trade
*Boston's pick will go to Dallas from the Jagr trade
*Pittsburgh's pick will go to Calgary from the Iginla trade
*Chicago keeps it's pick.

The NHL is supposedly planning SIX outdoor games for next year:

Toronto @ Detroit
• Ducks vs. Kings at Dodger Stadium, Jan. 25
• Devils vs. Rangers at Yankee Stadium, Jan. 26
• Islanders vs. Rangers at Yankee Stadium, Jan 29
• Penguins at Blackhawks, Soldier Field, March 1
• Senators at Canucks, BC Place, March 2

Way to go NHL......

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Leafs and the Shootout
« on: April 11, 2013, 04:18:17 PM »
12-13 - 0 wins 5 losses; 3 GF on 24 SA (29th); 9 GA on 24 SA (20th)
11-12 - 4 wins 5 losses; 8 GF on 25 SA (18th); 9 GA on 24 SA (20th)
10-11 - 5 wins 6 losses; 12 GF on 36 SA (10th); 14 GA on 36 SA (23rd)
09-10 - 4 wins 4 losses; 9 GF on 20 SA (3rd); 9 GA on 19 SA (29th)
08-09 - 6 wins 7 losses; 16 GF on 43 SA (9th); 19 GA on 42 SA (29th)
07-08 - 3 wins 4 losses; 8 GF on 24 SA (T-15th); 9 GA on 24 SA (21st)
06-07 - 4 wins 7 losses; 14 GF on 44 SA (16th); 16 GA on 43 SA (18th)
05-06 - 3 wins 7 losses; 4 GF on 24 SA (T-30th); 10 GA on 24 SA (23rd)
Total   - 29 wins 45 losses; 74 GF on 240 SA (31%); 96 GA on 236 SA (60% SV%)

The Leafs are tied for 19th overall in terms of career shootout scoring percentage at 31% in a 4-way tie with Anaheim, the Rangers, and Carolina.
The Leafs are ahead of Columbus, Boston (30%), Philadelphia (30%), Calgary, Washington, Montreal (28%), Tampa (27%) and Florida (24%).
New Jersey leads the NHL with a career 40% shooting percentage.
The league average is: 31.1%

The Leafs are T28th in terms of career SV% in the shootout in a tie with Calgary at 60%.  Only Philadelphia is worse at 57%.
The Rangers and Pittsburgh lead the league with a 74% SV%.
The league average is: 68.9%

All Sports But Hockey / More reason that the IOC is a Joke
« on: February 12, 2013, 09:13:46 AM »
The IOC has decided that as of 2020, Wrestling will no longer be a part of the Olympics.  That's just insane that you would cut one of the oldest traditions in favour of keeping the Modern Pentathalon. 

It will be interesting to see the inside workings of the lockerroom.  Maybe see some of that expert music selection from Phaneuf.

Former Leafs: Ex-Files / Jimmy Hayes
« on: January 19, 2012, 01:35:15 AM »
He seemed like one of those boom or bust kind of prospects.  He's currently 10 games into his pro season but man is he ever fitting in well with Chicago.
7 points in 10 games.  16 shots over that span and 24 hits.

We got Brad Ross with the 2nd round pick we got for trading him, but that's not looking like a great trade-off in the very early going.

General NHL News & Views / Guys who never got an NHL shot
« on: December 11, 2011, 12:32:48 AM »
I just went to take a look at the AHL standings to see where the Marlies were sitting in their conference (not bad for a change), when I saw a story on the side of the page.  Darren Haydar notched his 700th career AHL point.  He's a 5'9" 32 year old (so not completely ancient) who started his professional career in 2002-2003 in the Predators organization as a 9th round pick.  He's the AHLs all time leading playoff scorer in goals, assists, and points too.

Yet he only manged 23 NHL games where he put up 9 points.  Obviously there are some big flaws in his game to not get a shot with a team, but you would think one of the bottom feeders would take a chance on a guy like that at some point to get an extended look when he has been so productive. 

Who are some of the other non-NHL guys who never seemed to get a chance to prove they belong?

Difficult news for the NDP party as it leaves a group of inexperienced MPs without their veteran mentor.  Kind of a bit of a kick to the party that essentially campaigned as a bunch of tidings for l
Layton rather than the NDP party.

As an aside and only limited medical expert, the prostate cancer coupled with broken hip does have me immediately thinking of bone cancer that has spread from the prostate.  I know that the press conference indicated that it was different but my initial thought is that it's not unlikely to be bone-related.

Regardless, best wishes in treatment and a hopeful recovery.

Figure there should be some interesting business/CBA discussion with the NBA on the way to a lengthy lockout. 

What is up with David Stern and his obsession for making random rules and fines for just about everything though:

Witness a recent interview with Trail Blazers acting General Manager Chad Buchanan. When it was observed that it’s too bad there is no summer league scheduled, Buchanan replied, “Yeah.”

Shortly thereafter, the league threatened Buchanan with a $1 million fine, according to one source.

Jordan has been cleared by the NBA to play in the American Century charity golf tournament this weekend (and that's him above, in Wednesday's practice round). But under NBA lockout policy, Jordan can have no interaction with the four current NBA players also participating in the event. The NBA has threatened stiff fines in these situations, and Jordan would be no exception.

Throw on that David Stern won't let the Trail-Blazers players take part in Brian Grant's charity golf fundraiser to raise money for Parkinsons research (you know, that disease that Brian Grant has) because Grant is on the Blazers payroll as an Ambassador.  Who cares that it raises money for a good cause and that it might actually show a slightly positive light on some of the players/the NBA at a time when things look miserable with a lockout.  It's more important to rule the NBA with an iron fist and fine/suspend whatever you personally don't like.

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