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Finally some hockey again.

Go Leafs Go!
The lack of penalty calls on Matthews is actually unbelievable.

Awesome "game management" refs.
JT isn't having a great game tonight.
Close game, couple of mistakes in the 2nd by Brodie and Knies. Still, up 3-2 going into the 3rd is a good thing.

Go Leafs Go!
Both teams looked good to me in the first. Leafs got some bounces. 3-0, I'll take it!
Whatever happened to my favourite Estonian player, Leo Komarov?

Go Leafs Go!
I'm all for Hildeby getting some NHL action at this point.
Jones has been sharp tonight. Hard to tell if that's a factor of the Leafs playing really well or the Pens really sucking.
I'm at the point where I'm surprised every time there's a decent chance on Samsonov and he makes a save.

Hurry back Woll!