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Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Top 6 Winger
« on: March 11, 2021, 11:22:56 AM »
But in all seriousness, I could only see them adding another defenceman if they decide to cut bait on Dermott now and deal him in a trade that brings in a top-6 forward as opposed to potentially losing him in the expansion draft. But I think that's probably unlikely.

I agree that they're probably not in the market for another full-time defenceman, but I strongly suspect they'll look at adding a veteran guy for the taxi squad.
Our D depth is all "soft skill". I think if Muzzin or Bogo goes down we lose that great mix of styles of play we currently have.

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Top 6 Winger
« on: March 11, 2021, 11:13:08 AM »
Is there a Dylan Demelo-y kind of guy that might be an upgrade to the bottom pairing/a guy who could possibly squeak up into the top 4 in case of a postseason Muzzin injury?

I'd love to get a 2nd/3rd line forward but I wonder if a 3rd defensive addition for a stay at home kind of player might be something the team should be looking at.
I suggested before Jordie Benn. If Vancouver is out of it they may take a low draft pick on the expiring contract of Benn. Stay at home, no quartine, expiring deal, and manageable cap hit.

I remember when the NBC deal was first made, it seemed like such a massive success for the league. Now though $200mil annually seems like chicken scratch.

Remember the deal before the 200M deal?

It was a profit sharing deal with 0 guaranteed revenue
I remember on the Fan590, Bob McCown talked about in his Global TV days when he purchased the NBA broadcast rights in Canada for something like $1,000.

4 being folded into ESPN+ (in the States at least) is pretty interesting. I was really hoping this agreement might make some changes into blackout restrictions but the language about "out of market" games makes me think that's not happening. Too bad.
Great timing considering COVID has ravaged "hockey-related revenues" and will continue to do so especially in Canada with the snail's pace vaccine rollout.

Deserve to Win O'Meter indeed, the eyeball test confirms.

I feel like if we keep playing like that we will win a lot more than we lose. They scored on very few chances and had a hot goalie. Hyman did a bunch of hard solo drives to the net that created chaos every time. I continue to be surprised by how much he brings every night.

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2020-2021 NHL Thread
« on: March 05, 2021, 10:40:56 AM »
Blackhawks are surprisingly good. With Seabrooks retirement and those $ becoming available and Kane playing as well as he is I wouldn't be surprised if they throw the rebuild out the window. If Toews comes back they could be a force this year.

I am assuming it's Hutch, let's not play Campbell hurt again, Anderson played last night, and what is a Woll?

I want defensive D depth. Maybe a Jordie Benn... cheap, on an expiring deal, low cost.

A beard that is in the vicinity of Bogo's.

I just watched the recap and I noticed Smith gave Hyman's head a half-hearted swat after he scored.

Yeah, I thought that was pretty good.
He was pissed and although he wanted to thump him it wasn't warranted.

Whether the division is crap or not Toronto sure does make all its opponents look like it! The extreme change in narrative for every North team (besides #1) on a weekly basis truly is comical. It doesn't feel that long ago that other teams would contemplate all their decisions if they lost to lowly Leafs.

Yeah, that is honestly the thing that has me most excited about their play. 

Sure, they are winning games but for the most part there haven't been many games where we didn't look like the better team.  Mistakes still happen.  Our team isn't top to bottom the best defensive collection of players but the consistency is way better than any team we have had in the last 10+ years.

Being in the top few teams in goals against while playing in the highest scoring division is certainly something to celebrate.
Or a group of incompetent teams playing each other equates to a lot of goals?

I am enjoying this season, sure I wonder how we would do against TB or BOS but that's not in the cards for the regular season.

I know they can't, but I want them to win every game.  Would really suck not to complete the sweep after winning the first 2 without Matthews and Andersen.  Such is life, hope they can do it.
In a 3 games series, 3 goalies, 3 shutouts would be pretty sweet.

Great news, keep that 3rd line together. They have been great.

Go Leafs Go!

Let's keep that complete team defense rolling!

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