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Messages - Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate

MotM: Mitch Marner
HM: Nick Robertson for sparking the comeback
I'll take some positives out of this:

PP looked good,

Samsonov bounced back,

Robertson looks like a playoff starter,

they came from behind down 4-1,

and Marner was excellent.
Well, they had a golden opportunity and couldn't get it done.
Samsonov just salvaged his night.

The chances just went  down exponentially.
Kane doing his best to set the table.
Nice stop for Sammy, and TJ Brodie then almost breaks the universe in two.
Quote from: bustaheims on Yesterday at 08:11:08 PM
Quote from: Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate on Yesterday at 08:06:18 PMI don't see any violent contortions? — hope they are just being extra careful.

With the results in the Tampa and Florida games, these have become meaningless games in terms of the standings. No sense risking anything for them.

If Matthews gets to 70 tonight you'd think he gets one of those off.
I don't see any violent contortions? — hope they are just being extra careful.
Well, Salt Lake City is, indeed, weird.  Let's not mince words here: Mormons are a different breed of cat.  The ones I've known are nice as can be.  But the whole LDS system?  We-uh-eerd.
Marner with ANOTHER gorgeous assist — to JT!
It's beyond me why they don't require full facial protection.
Oh my, McCabe right in the mush.