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I don't love that the Leafs are 1-1-1 in their last three games Despite heavily outplaying their opponent.  Memories of the team not being able to finish in bigger games
Quote from: Guilt Trip on Yesterday at 09:18:33 PM
Quote from: L K on Yesterday at 09:17:39 PMTavares should never play 3 on 3
That's not on him..88 this time.

Tavares slowed down after getting back into the play.  One more stride and he would
Have been there for the play.

Nylander just trying to skate through the defender earlier was bad
Tavares should never play 3 on 3. 
Wow.  That was absolute robbery
Well that was a thoroughly undeserved point for Florida
Darn.  Leafs should have had more guys change in the dump down
Samsonov telling Murray to sit his butt down on the bench.  The net is his
Quote from: Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate on Yesterday at 09:02:19 PMRielly has upped his d-game considerably in the past month or so.  Good sign.

Rielly has been great the last 10+ games. 
Matthews is ready.  Are you?
Kampf is a key penalty killer and defensive zone guy.   Why does Craig Simpson think every shift he has is an audition
They finally call Florida for the constant interference
Man the PP tonight is just not doing anything to get the Panthers moving around
There should be a Picture in Picture of Maurice all game
Come the Frig on.  That's a friging joke.  He intentionally dropped his stick
Pass pass pass pass pass pass turnover