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A good observation from Mr. Offside here. In that frame Marner's pass options are pretty limited. Nylander would be on his back hand and Tavares wouldn't really be in a shooting position. If they swapped spots when Marner has the puck on that side then Nylander could be a one-timer option from the slot and Tavares would have a little more plays to make if he got the puck in front of the net. And when Matthews has the puck on his side Nylander goes back to the net and Tavares to the slot to keep those options open again. Also just creates more movement in the middle of the ice and possibly throws the defenders off.

Why do they need a back to back? Who else could possibly be using the stadium?

It's because most series' are starting this Saturday/Sunday but the North division doesn't start until Wednesday/Thursday because of the re-scheduled/pointless Vancouver games... so they need to play a little catch-up.


Just noticed that Spezza is at a 46 pts/82 games rate of scoring this season.

3rd highest 5-on-5 points per 60 minutes in the league. Right behind McDavid and then Marchand, right above Matthews and then Marner.

HM Muzzin

I sure hope that brutal giveaway by Marner doesn't cost us home ice at some point in the playoffs.

Not going to have home ice if we get to the Semi-finals anyway.  They will definitely be played in the USA, and probably all games at the other teams arena.

Nah the Canadian team will definitely be assigned another city if they're playing the semi's in the U.S.

Dang it, there goes the President's Trophy.

*checks the Colorado and Las Vegas scores*

Yeah that wasn't happening anyway unfortunately.

Simmonds really needs to amp it up in the playoffs or else he might be the one sitting.

I was pretty convinced he'd be sitting before those Winnipeg games where he and Thornton really stepped up (and those were the closest we've had to a playoff type setting). But yeah if he doesn't make a big impact like that in game 1 his job won't be very safe.

Are there any other former Leafs

I was so close to asking if there was anyone who needed their first NHL goal before that 3rd one...

Powerplay finally gets a goal from a guy who probably won't play PP minutes in the playoffs. Of course.

Former Leafs: Ex-Files / Re: Minor Ex-Leaf News
« on: Yesterday at 04:09:25 PM »
I don't think they did him any favours trading him to a team with a guy who probably had no patience for a guy who isn't great defensively.  I think he has NHL level skills he just needs the right environment.

The weird thing though is Torts actually played him a decent amount. He averaged 18 minutes a game there, and in his last 9 games was averaging over 20 minutes. He even averaged about a minute of PK time per game. But for whatever reason he just never got on their powerplay despite there being an apparent need for a PP QB.

Former Leafs: Ex-Files / Re: Minor Ex-Leaf News
« on: Yesterday at 02:08:49 PM »
Lehtonen's 2nd chance didn't go quite as well: 0 goals, 3 assists in 17 games with Columbus. 2 of those assists came in their final game of the season.

He only played 4 minutes total on their PP which is pretty surprising since that's where he looked his most comfortable as a Leaf and they had a hole there with Werenski's injury and Seth Jones not producing there.

Michael Del Zotto, who has 1 PP point in his last 144 NHL games, received more powerplay time than Lehtonen since Columbus acquired him.

Former Leafs: Ex-Files / Re: Minor Ex-Leaf News
« on: Yesterday at 01:56:06 PM »

7 points in 8 games with the Sharks. He was probably a little fortunate to immediately go on their top line (a tall task to beat out other contenders like Jeffrey Viel and Joachim Blichfeld, totally real and not made up players on the Sharks) and there's a fair bit of evidence suggesting that scoring pace will not keep up... but it's nice that he was able to get another chance to earn a job for next season.

Maybe its just me but I like Galchenyuk on the Tavares/Nylander line better than with Marner/Matthews.  Is that just a placeholder issue where Hyman probably plays on that line instead?

Those are just a bit of a guess. I used the practice lines from yesterday but with Gally taking Hyman's spot and Engvall on L3 instead of Nash. Could end up being different.

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