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Five weeks to go...here are your choices for this week. Sadly the Leafs are in transit home from California so there's no game on Saturday (dumb schedule!) and only 6 games that start at 7pm or later so we'll have to make do with those. Good luck everyone!

Saturday March 7th - picks due by 7pm EST

Tampa Bay   @  Boston            7pm  (clash of the division/conference titans!)
Montreal      @  Florida             7pm
New Jersey  @  NY Rangers     7pm
Buffalo         @  Philadelphia    7pm
Ottawa        @  San Jose         7pm
Columbus    @  Edmonton     10pm
Here are the six games for your consideration this week as we head into the trade deadline. Deadline for submission is Saturday at 7pm EST. Good luck everyone!

Carolina     @ Toronto       7:00pm
Montreal    @ Ottawa        7:00pm
Columbus  @ Nashville      8:00pm
Tampa       @ Arizona        8:00pm
Boston      @ Vancouver  10:00pm
Florida       @ Las Vegas  10:30pm
All Sports But Hockey / Congrats to Christine Sinclair
January 29, 2020, 09:26:22 PM
Quote from: https://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/concacaf-womens-olympic-qualifying-canada-st-kitts-1.5444762
Canada captain Christine Sinclair made soccer history Wednesday, notching goals No. 184 and 185 to pass retired American Abby Wambach and become the world's all-time leading goal-scorer.

What an incredible accomplishment!

It's the midway point of the season...now things start to get tough, except this week there are a bunch of playoff-contending teams playing a bunch of probable lottery teams so it's trap games galore! Picks are due by 7pm EST. Good luck everyone!

Saturday Jan. 4, 2020
Florida        @  Buffalo                  7pm
NY Isles      @  Toronto                 7pm
Pittsburgh   @  Montreal               7pm
Tampa Bay  @  Ottawa                 7pm
Colorado     @  New Jersey           7pm
Nashville     @  Los Angeles    10:30pm
Here's this week's selection of games for your pick-'em pleasure. Will Boston lose another game this season? Can the gutted Jackets top the goalie-challenged Panthers? Are the Wild in for some heavy weather? Will the Bolts ever manage to win a Saturday night game? Can the Buds beat the reigning Stanley Cup champs? Can Lou & The No-Names rack up yet another win, this time against the suddenly surging Stars? Place your bets!

All games at 7pm except for the last one which is a 9pm start so picks are due by 7pm EST. Good luck everyone!

Colorado    @ Boston
Columbus   @ Florida
Minnesota  @ Carolina
San Jose    @ Tampa
Toronto      @ St Louis
NY Isles     @ Dallas
There are some interesting games this week between some pretty closely-ranked teams. All games I've chosen start at 7pm EST except for the Oilers-Knights at 10pm, so the deadline for your picks is 7pm. Good luck everyone!

Columbus   @ Winnipeg
Detroit        @ New Jersey
Florida        @ Carolina
NY Rangers @ Montreal
Toronto       @ Colorado
Edmonton   @ Las Vegas
Here are the games for this coming weekend. Lots of interesting ones that could go either way! Picks must be in by 7pm Saturday. Good luck to all. :)

Saturday Oct. 12, 2019 - all times EST

Toronto        @   Detroit          7pm
Columbus     @   Carolina        7pm
Washington  @   Dallas           8pm
Arizona         @   Colorado      9pm
Calgary         @   Las Vegas    10pm
Philadelphia  @   Vancouver    10pm
It's down to the final weekend of the season. BarMutt appears to have a nearly insurmountable lead as the rest of us jockey for also-ran pecking order. Still, one never knows what might happen so I wish you all luck with your picks. All times EST, picks due by Saturday at 7pm.

Saturday April 06, 2019[/u]

Carolina @ Philadelphia
NY Islanders @ Washington
Toronto @ Montreal
Minnesota @ Dallas
Chicago @ Nashville
Edmonton @ Calgary

(too bad the Tampa-Boston game is at 1pm...it would have been fun to put that in there)
There are only three weeks left and the current leader, BarMutt, has a not-quite-comfortable lead over the pack. Let's see how we all do with this week's selections. Good luck to all. Times are EST, picks are due by 7pm EST on Saturday.

Saturday March 23

Boston @ Florida                 7pm
Buffalo @ Montreal              7pm
Minnesota @ Carolina          7pm
Nashville @ Winnipeg          7pm  (WCF preview?)
NY Rangers @ Toronto         7pm
Pittsburgh @Dallas              8pm
Here are this week's games to challenge your selection prowess. All games EST...picks must be made by 7pm Sat. Good luck everyone!

Saturday March 16, 2019

Calgary @ Winnipeg          7:00 pm (preview of the WCF?)
Chicago @ Montreal           7:00 pm
Columbus @ Boston           7:00 pm
Toronto @ Ottawa              7:00 pm
Washington @ Tampa Bay  7:00 pm (preview of the ECF?)
Nashville @ San Jose         10:30pm (preview of the WCF?)
Sorry for being so late getting this week's challenge up...I forgot that I'd squeaked out a win last week. Here are your selections for tomorrow (all times EST...deadline is 7pm Saturday):

Sat. March 9

Philadelphia @ NY Islanders     -7pm
Pittsburgh @ Columbus          - 7pm
Toronto @ Edmonton             - 7pm
Carolina @ Nashville              -8pm
Chicago @ Dallas                   - 8pm
Las Vegas @ Vancouver          - 10pm
This week is a bit odd (perhaps it's a US holiday?) with a lot of afternoon games on Saturday and only 4 that start at 7pm EST or later, so let's do all four of those as well as a pair of games from Sunday. Deadline for submissions is 7pm EST on Saturday.

Saturday Feb 23
Montreal @ Toronto              7pm
Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia     8pm
Anaheim @ Edmonton        10pm
NY Islanders @ Vancouver  10pm

Sunday Feb 24
St Louis @ Minnesota           7pm
Winnipeg @ Arizona             9pm
Here are this week's games for your guessing pleasure. Just about all of them could easily go either way. :)

All times EST.  Deadline is Saturday 7pm.  Good luck all.  👍🏒

Saturday December 29

Boston @ Buffalo                -  7pm
NYIsles @Toronto               -  7pm
Philadelphia @ Florida          -  7pm
Pittsburgh @ St Louis         -  8pm
Arizona @ Anaheim             -  10pm
Vancouver @ Calgary           -  10pm
Here are your Hall of Fame weekend games. All times EST.  Deadline is Saturday 7pm

Good luck!

Sat. Nov. 10

Arizona @ Pittsburgh         -  7pm
Detroit @ Carolina             -  7pm
NY Rangers @ Columbus    -  7pm
NY Islanders @ Florida       -  7pm
Toronto @ Boston              -  7pm
Las Vegas @ Montréal        -  7pm