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Yeah I hate the idea of the back to back.  I guess if you are going to have one in the middle of the series is probably better than later though heading into the next round.  Just beat the heck out of them in 4 and be done with it.

I still don't understand why we need to wait for Calgary and Vancouver to play meaningless games to start the postseason.  Both series could have started on Tuesday to avoid the double header and still finished

Leafs/Habs - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Monday/Thursday/Saturday/Monday
Jets/Oilers - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday

Problem solved.

Just noticed that Spezza is at a 46 pts/82 games rate of scoring this season.

3rd highest 5-on-5 points per 60 minutes in the league. Right behind McDavid and then Marchand, right above Matthews and then Marner.

I'm maybe just a little bit surprised that Spezza is never the guy who climbs up the lineup to get shifts on the wing with Tavares/Nylander or Marner/Matthews.  Not even for full games but he seems stuck to the 4th line with those brief PK faceoffs and 2nd PP unit opportunities.

Honestly that's about all you want from a game like this.  Noone really took a beating.  Noone got hurt.  There is an unusual break between their last game and the start of the playoffs so I think having a "playoff prep" game is slightly less critical than if they started the playoffs on Saturday or Sunday.

Is there any reason to keep watching...?

It’s the Leafs but also a meaningless game.   Pretty sure nothing else is really on TV other than the Jays late

Ottawa is clearly a contender, they just need better goaltending.

They need to stop playing Chabot 40 minutes a night where he plays 20 good minutes and 10 questionable ones.  They also have to carefully balance keeping this lunch pail high effort hockey while they insert more skilled players who can put the puck in the net. 

I guess Rielly will be the new former Leaf

I don’t want to imply that he’s not a good defenseman and that replacing him isn’t going to be an issue but my concern about 2022-2023 when his contract is done is a lot less of a worry than it was two years ago

Yeah ummmmmm that’s not good

Yeah the top PP unit still looks like crap.  No idea what Andersen was doing going that far away from the net

Yep the slashes that get called once every 50 times gets called every time

Refs are bored today?  We are just going back and forth with powerplays here

Old man points

Well that wasn't encouraging...
Leafs look like they don't care. Can't blame them.

Yeah. They look like a team that’s focused elsewhere. This game is basically just a more intense practice for them, any way. Not a ton of meaning for them.

Nope Gary Galley just told me the leafs need to engage more.  I think I should trust him because he seems pretty on the ball in his analysis

Other than the powerplay still looks completely clueless on how to control the puck that was a good period.  No one got hurt and Andersen looked ok

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