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I saw Shang Chi last night and it entertained.

It's in the same class of MCU film as Ant-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and most of the phase 1 stuff (but with C-List heroes), as an origin story table setter for a future get together. Similar to BP and CM, it opens up some entry way for young fans who now see more of themselves on screen.

Aside from the plot issues outlined above, I liked the choreography, Wenwu/Tony Leung's acting masterclass, how it addressed and somewhat remediated Iron Man 3 (and I guess Marvel Comics') sketchiness about The Mandarin character. I would've definitely preferred a more intimate, character-driven ending rather than the CGI-budget maxing faceless clashes that all hero-y movies are stuck on these days. The one-on-one fight 'dialogue' was pretty easy to track, so I wish that was a bit deeper. It does indeed feel like we are just waiting for the shoe to drop on the bigger ticket, as this is just part of Act 1 of Phase 4.

It also spawned this wonderful thread:
Finally watching Shang-Chi, here as a bus operator to rate the SFT transit factors of The Bus Scene:— Mack, yes, That Mack (@that_mc) November 13, 2021
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You should all go see “Belfast”


Some parts may need subtitles ;D

Guilt Trip:

--- Quote from: Arn on November 20, 2021, 01:03:35 PM ---You should all go see “Belfast”


Some parts may need subtitles ;D

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Looks like a great movie. Thx for the tip.

L K:
Good movie? More like ok but I didn't hate the new Ghostbusters movie.

L K:
Too Many Spidermen

- Willem Dafoe is just campy entertainment.


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