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Tulo is out tonight and might be out for a few days. I wouldn't want to go multiple games without one player with significant time at SS available, which would be the case if Goins was sent down.

They also might want to ease Travis back in so I can see how having another IF option on the bench at the expense of a BP arm would make sense.

I doubt this is a long term arrangement, but for now I can see why they would do it.

Joe S.:
Not really the same topic but I don't get why they don't give Hutchinson a chance at the 7th or 8th inning... It would be better than the dumpster fire that is storen.

15 day DL for Tulo and Loup activated.

Turnaround?  About time for the Jays...


Captain Canuck:
Jays acquire 39 year old RH reliever Jason Grilli and cash considerations from Atlanta for pitching prospect Sean Ratcliffe.

I'm not sure how much Grilli has left in the tank, but there is no doubt the Jays pen needed a bit of a shakeup. Minor move, but at least it's a start! Hard to deal this early in the year, only get the teams way out of the race like the Braves wanting to trade now.


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