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Quote from: RedLeaf on February 03, 2023, 09:33:48 AMI don't know about being a Canucks fan but I can certainly empathize with this poor guy, being a Leafs fan for 45 years now...

Russell Atkins wanted 6 Canucks to be his pallbearers 'SO THEY COULD LET HIM DOWN ONE MORE TIME'


Good belly laugh, thanks for posting.
I wish someone would put Holl out of my misery.
I think Ankles can take some time, probably if its bad Dubas wants it hushed for the time being. Lets hope Woll is ready. Samsanov is certainly looking like a number 1 to me.
General NHL News & Views / RIP Bobby Hull
January 30, 2023, 11:36:36 AM
The Golden Jet has passed. Rest in Peace, Bobby.
Why don't we bring up Gaudette, he is a scoring machine with the Marlies. We need more secondary goals.
Also Woll just stoned Manitoba  30 saves in 31 game. He is playing lights out.  Give him a start and let Murray get better........again.
Rangers Goalie is very very good.
Quote from: azzurri63 on January 25, 2023, 08:16:04 PMMaybe I need to stop watching lol. Watched parts of the game Monday Leafs played well and won. Just got home turn on the computer to watch and 1 minute later it's in our net.
Hey Azzurri, I am in Tuscon getting away from the BC winter and lucky enough to have the Leafs game on . Sammy is playing well, at least the Leafs are playing like it matters.
Sammy looking good, I love Holmburg, followed him all along and saw potential all along the way. Didn't think it would come to fruition so soon.  All the players seem involved.  Can't rest on the Rangers.

Now can we just get MacMann his first point?   Keep going boys!
Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: What Now?
January 24, 2023, 10:41:17 AM
Quote from: hobarth on January 23, 2023, 05:47:03 PMWe can make demands while also being calm, the question is can we be calm if TO loses in the 1st round again this year after Dubie does nothing to significantly improve a roster that absolutely requires a massive infusion of talent and character.

I've lived thru the years since TO's last Cup, I don't know if I will be able to survive another rebuild that might give TO another truly competitive team. TO isn't truly competitive now but can be with some of the pieces already here.

Sometimes Dubie reminds me of supervisors, they can move pieces/employees around just to make it look like they're doing something while also carrying a clip board. Placing Hunt on Waivers, is good, but he should also place Jarnkrok, ZAR, Kerfoot, Kampf and Brodie on waivers, that could potentially clear 13 mil. in Cap space and then use any extra Cap dollars on players that can help instead of just treading water. Rielly should simply be traded because maybe some other team will see some value in him, his greatest value, I'm told, is on the PP, that's why TO was trying, going with 5 forwards and I don't doubt that Timmins could more than adequately replace him in every way.

Man, I want some of what your smoking. Outside of being daft, Rielly has a NMC, he can't be traded, why don't people seem to get that?
Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Media Thread
January 20, 2023, 02:43:51 PM
Quote from: herman on January 20, 2023, 02:25:05 PMVox Media has chopped nearly every SB Nation sports site (inc PPP and every Canadian hockey team blog)
That's a pisser.  when do they come down?
1st prize   A brand new Cadillac
2nd prize   Steak Knives
3rd prize   Your fired.
Quote from: L K on January 12, 2023, 11:05:03 AMWith McMann, Abruzzese, Anderson, Gaudette in the AHL and then a guy like Knies potentially turning pro (although kind of disappointed that he hasn't taken a bigger offensive step this year).  Do we need to make bottom 6/depth improvements at the deadline.  Obviously there are better 3C guys who we could acquire but are they going to be worth giving up 2nd round picks for.
Gaudette has been tearing it up. Like to see him get another look.
In a new rental house and was feed the St.Cloud-Gophers game.  Knies was very disappointing, his skating leaves a lot to be desired and outside of taking two lame penalties was not noticeable.  Not ready for the prime time Leafs as yet in my view.

Miettinen on St. Cloud was set up with 4 one timers in a row on one shift and flubbed on two of them. Did hit the post on one of them.

Perhaps I am being harsh on a one game sample but I am no longer on the Knies Express at this point.
I guess the D took the night off.
Woll is 7-0 since his return with a .921 save percentage.  Give the kid a few games if Murray and Samsonov continue to fall apart. Can't hurt