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Quote from: CarltonTheBear on April 18, 2023, 11:10:19 AMAll good, just wanted to clarify since "emergency basis" often implies someone is hurt/possibly hurt and that's not the immediate reason for his call-up.

Hold on, hold on. The EBUG plays if either team runs out of goalies, right? So Tampa could run out of goalies tonight and then... Kallgren steps in net?  That can't be right — he would just let everything in on purpose.
Thanks! We've actually done really well 🙂

Out of 41 wins this season, where we know the belt winner:
  • 27 times they gave the belt to either our MotM or HM player
  • 6 games it seems they simply gave the belt to the call-up or trade acquisition who just had their first game with the team
  • 6 times we should have listened to: Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate/Mr. Leaf/SpiderLeaf/Kaberle15/OldTimeHockey/LittleHockeyFan because they were the only one who voted for the actual belt winner
  • 2 times we were completely bamboozled (they picked someone nobody voted for)

G11: PHI v TOR: Leafs 5-2.
🗳  MotM: Tavares (unanimous). HM: Samsonov (?).  Others: Giordano, Aston-Reese.
🔱  Belt: Tavares ✓

G12: BOS v TOR: Leafs 2-1.
🗳  MotM: Matthews 8/0 (unanimous).  HM: Malgin 0/3.  Others: Marner 0/1, Liljegren 0/1, Giordano 0/1, Holl 0/1, Tavares 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Holl [Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate was right 🙂]

G13: TOR v CAR: Leafs 3-1.
🗳  MotM: Källgren 6/2.  HM: Malgin 0/5.  Others: Nylander 1/0,  Tavares 1/0, Liljegren 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Källgren ✓

G16: VAN v TOR: Leafs 3-2.
🗳  MotM: Engvall 5/4.  HM: Benn 2/5.  Others: Nylander 2/1.
🔱  Belt: Benn *

G17: TOR v PIT: Leafs 5-2.
🗳  MotM: Murray 7/0.  HM: Tavares 1/6.  Others: Bunting 3/3, Benn 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Murray ✓

G19: BUF v TOR: Leafs 5-2.
🗳  MotM: Murray 3/2. HM: Kämpf (I switched my vote to break tie). Others: Marner 1/0, Nylander 1/1, Tavares 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Kämpf (✓)

G21: TOR v NJD: Leafs 2-1.
🗳  MotM: Murray 3/0 (unanimous). HM: Giordano 0/2.  Others: Sandin 0/1, and in an unprecedented exercise of my executive powers I am also awarding a vote to Marner and Holl.  Many were deserving.
🔱  Belt: Holmberg (first game)

G22: TOR v MIN: Leafs 4-3.
🗳  MotM: Murray 5/0.  HM: Nylander 0/3 (I switched to break tie).  Others: Sandin 0/2, Jarnrok 1/0, Giordano 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Murray ✓

G23: TOR v PIT: Leafs 4-1.
🗳  MotM: Marner 10/0 (unanimous).  HM: Matthews 0/5.  Others: Källgren 0/3, Giordano 0/1, Holl 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Matthews *

G24: TOR v DET: Leafs 4-2.
🗳  MotM: Murray 8/1. HM: Marner 0/6.  Others: Matthews 0/2, Sandin 1/0.
🔱  Belt: Marner *

G25: SJS v TOR: Leafs 3-1.
🗳  MotM: Samsonov 7/2.  HM: Marner 2/2.  Others: Engvall 0/2, Giordano 0/1, Kerfoot 0/1, Hollowell 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Hollowell (first game)

G27: TOR v DAL: Leafs 4-0.
🗳  MotM: Murray 6/0 (unaimous).  HM: Marner 0/4 (I switched to Marner to break tie).  Others: Sandin 0/2.
🔱  Belt: Murray ✓

G28: LAK v TOR: Leafs 5-0.
🗳  MotM; Nylander 5/2.  HM: Samsonov 2/2.  Others: Aston-Reese 0/2, Bunting 0/2, Engvall 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Aston-Reese [Mr. Leaf was right 🙂]

G29: CGY v TOR: Leafs 5-4 OT.
🗳  MotM: Nylander 12/0 (unanimous).  HM: Marner 0/6.  Others: Bunting 0/4, Matthews 0/2.
🔱  Belt: Nylander ✓

G30: ANA v TOR: Leafs 7-0.
🗳  MotM: Kerfoot 5/1.  HM: Timmins 1/5.  Others: Holmberg 0/1, Samsonov 1/0.
🔱  Belt: Samsonov [SpiderLeaf was right 🙂]

G33: TBL v TOR: Leafs 4-1.
🗳  MotM: Bunting 7/1.  HM: Nylander 1/3.  Others: Matthews 1/2, Liljegren 0/1, Kämpf 1/1, Murray 0/1, Sandin 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Bunting ✓

G34: PHI v TOR: Leafs 4-3.
🗳  MotM: Marner 7/0 (unanimous).  HM: Matthews 0/3.  Others: Nylander 0/1, Holl 0/2, Järnkrok 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Nylander [Kaberle15 was right 🙂]

G35: TOR v STL: Leafs 5-4 OT.
🗳  MotM: Järnkrok 8/1.  HM: Nylander 1/5.  Others: Matthews 0/1, Brodie 0/1, Kerfoot 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Järnkrok ✓

G37: TOR v COL: Leafs 6-2.
🗳  MotM: Murray 2/1. HM:  Holl 2/0,  Others: Kerfoot 0/1, Bunting 1/1.
🔱  Belt: Marner

G40: DET v TOR: Leafs 4-1.
🗳  MotM: Tavares 5/1.  HM: Samsonov 0/5.  Others: Marner 1/0.
🔱  Belt: Samsonov *

G41: TOR v PHI: Leafs 6-2.
🗳  MotM: Tavares 4/1.  HM: Timmins 0/5.  Others: Järnkrok 4/0, Murray 0/2.
🔱  Belt: Timmins *

G42: NSH v TOR: Leafs 2-1.
🗳  MotM: Murray 8/0 (unanimous).  HM: Nylander 0/5.  Others: Marner 0/2, Giordano 0/1.
🔱  Belt: ???

G45: FLA v TOR: Leafs 5-4 OT.
🗳  MotM: Nylander 8/2.  HM: Samsonov 2/8.  Others: None.
🔱  Belt: Samsonov *

G46: WPG v TOR: Leafs 4-1.
🗳  MotM: Samsonov 6/0 (unanimous). HM: Matthews 0/6 (unanimous).
🔱  Belt: Matthews (✓)

G48: NYI v TOR: Leafs 5-2.
🗳  MotM: Nylander 9/0 (unanimous).  HM: Tavares 0/7.  Others: Samsonov 0/1, Holl 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Nylander ✓

G49: NYR v TOR: Leafs 3-2 OT.
🗳  MotM: Samsonov 6/3.  HM: Liljegren 0/5.  Others: Marner 3/1.
🔱  Belt: Liljegren *

G51: WSH v TOR:  Leafs 5-1.
🗳  MotM: Tavares 4/1.  HM: Bunting 2/1.  Others: Brodie 0/1, Rielly 0/1, Samsonov 0/1, Engvall 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Tavares ✓

G53: TOR v CBJ: Leafs 3-0.
🗳  MotM: Marner 3/3.  HM: Tavares 1/3.  Others: Rielly 2/0.
🔱  Belt: Engvall

G55: CHI v TOR: Leafs 5-2.
🗳  MotM: Nylander 4/0.  HM: Sandin 2/2.  Others: Kerfoot 0/2, Timmins 0/2, Marner 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Sandin *

G56: MTL v TOR: Leafs 5-1.
🗳  MotM: Matthews 3/0.  HM: Sandin 0/4.  Others: Bunting 1/0, Nylander 1/0, Woll 0/1.
🔱  Belt: O'Reilly (first game)

G58: TOR v BUF: Leafs 6-3.
🗳  MotM: Marner 6/3.  HM: O'Reilly 2/6.  HM: Tavares 1/0.
🔱  Belt: Acciari (first chance after O'Reilly)

G59: MIN v TOR: Leafs 2-1 OT.
🗳  MotM: Nylander 11/0 (unanimous).  HM: Samsonov 0/5.  Others: Giordano 0/3, Marner 0/2, Holl 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Nylander ✓

G60: TOR v SEA: Leafs 5-1.
🗳  MotM: Samsonov 7/2.  HM: Marner 2/5.  Others: Liljegren 0/1, Giordano 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Giordano [OldTimeHockey was right 🙂]

G62: TOR v CGY: Leafs 2-1.
🗳  MotM: Marner 6/2.  HM: Woll 1/7.  Others: Holl 1/0, Jarnkrok 1/0.
🔱  Belt: Schenn (first game)

G64: TOR V NJD: Leafs 4-3.
🗳  MotM: Samsonov 4/3.  HM: Bunting 3/1.  Others: Nylander 2/2, Matthews 0/1, McCabe 0/2, Kämpf 0/1, Marner 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Samsonov ✓

G65: EDM v TOR: Leafs 7-4.
🗳  MotM: Marner 10/1.  HM: Tavares 1/6.  Others: Matthews 0/3, Acciari 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Acciari [LittleHockeyFan was right 🙂]

G68: CAR v TOR: Leafs 5-2.
🗳  MotM: Aston-Reese 8/0 (unanimous).  HM: Rielly 0/4 (changed my vote to break tie). Others: Kämpf 0/2, Matthews 0/1, Järnkrok 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Aston-Reese ✓

G69: TOR v OTT: Leafs 5-4 SO.
🗳  MotM: Murray 9/0 (unanimous).  HM: Järnkrok 0/8.  Others: Bunting 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Järnkrok *

G71: TOR v FLA: Leafs 6-2.
🗳  MotM: Murray 5/0. HM: Matthews 2/5.  Others: Tavares 0/2.
🔱  Belt: Matthews *

G73: TOR v NSH: Leafs 3-2.
🗳  MotM: Tavares 4/4. HM: Woll 4/3. Others: Kerfoot 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Tavares ✓

G75: TOR v OTT: Leafs 3-0.
🗳  MotM: Samsonov 10/0 (unanimous).  HM: Brodie 0/5.  Others: Bunting 0/3. Zahorna 0/1, Kerfoot 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Zohorna (first game)

G77: CBJ v TOR: Leafs 4-2.
🗳  MotM: Aston-Reese 6/0 (unanimous).  HM: Kerfoot 0/3 (changed my vote to break tie). HM: Liljegren 0/1, Kämpf 0/1, Lafferty 0/1.
🔱  Belt: Kerfoot *
Is there a way to see a list of who received the WWE belt after each win? It would be neat to see how our choices compare to the players' choices over the course of a season.
Quote from: L K on April 04, 2023, 06:53:45 PMI like his speed but I think ZAR has been playing too well of late to come out of the lineup

If you remove the games where Kerfoot or Holmberg played on ZAR's line, he is scoring 0.21 goals/game (would be a 17 goal pace). I'd say he needs to be with grinders in order to set up his net-front shots (he's just not a rush/breakaway type player) but he did great with Malgin.

3rd period EDIT: 0.23 goals / game (19 goal pace), haha
Abruzzese on the ice tonight: two goals for, zero against. Has he earned another game?
Quote from: Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate on April 02, 2023, 06:58:15 PM
Quote from: Bender on April 02, 2023, 06:48:09 PMChris Cuthbert: Kampf has never taken a penalty shot or shootout before.

I'm starting to think Keefe is slightly insane.

When he said that I thought, Kampf was one of the shooters in that 9-rounder a little while back, but I guess not.

Kampf's had a couple of full-on solo breakaways off the PK over the past several games, that's probably what you're remembering. He hasn't beaten the goalie on any of them though.
Quote from: herman on April 02, 2023, 01:17:32 PMGiorando - Timmins
Gio is sitting though, right? (Or did I misread the tweet)

Secretly I'm hoping Kampf and Zohorna play together; maybe they can have a Czech connection like Kaše+Kampf did (although nothing beats childhood friends & linemates — also this is the first time I've thought about Kaše all season I think... I hope he lives a long and healthy life. He did an admirable job in his time in TO.)
Quote from: Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate on April 01, 2023, 08:32:08 PM
Quote from: L K on April 01, 2023, 08:29:03 PM
Quote from: Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate on April 01, 2023, 08:26:09 PM
Quote from: Derk on April 01, 2023, 08:25:36 PM
Quote from: Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate on April 01, 2023, 08:23:38 PMLose part of your tooth and don't even get a PP for it.
I originally thought it was Kampf's stick. I can see why it wasn't called, both guys had their sticks in there.

Yeah, that was hard to see.  Tough for Zahorna.

I thought they could review four minute high sticks...or only if they call it initially?

Honestly, I don't know what that rule is.

According to the University of Game Management curriculum it's: if you're the winning team and also already got another powerplay recently, blatant penalties must be converted to no-calls at your earliest convenience.
Quote from: Guilt Trip on April 01, 2023, 07:52:21 PMZohorna has played 3:34 and has 3 shots to tie for the lead with Matthews.

...Zohorna 2LW?? (Let the irrational speculation run wild)

Quote from: Bill33 on April 01, 2023, 07:51:13 PMSchenn has his positives, but I'm fairly confident he's in the top 3 for slowest player in the nhl.

For better or worse, it seems Keefe has Schenn stapled to Rielly's hip.

(Schenn talked in an interview about how he is teaching Rielly some defensive tricks, which is curious because if Schenn can get Rielly to listen it's a huge unexpected bonus)

Why does it seem like Kerfoot and Nylander have both been good for each other (and same goes for every other instance they've been paired over the past 4yrs), yet when Kerfoot is on literally any other line it's like he's completely useless?
Quote from: Guilt Trip on March 31, 2023, 01:37:15 PM
Quote from: CarltonTheBear on March 31, 2023, 12:30:11 PMI get Holmberg's performance dipped after a pretty impressive start but I'm still surprised he's never received another call-up.
Marlies were hurting up front and the Leafs are pretty full at centre is my best guess. Holmberg is still playing well for the Marlies.

I'm sure it doesn't help that when he played on Bunting's line earlier this month against NJD, he (and Steeves) looked super ineffective.

When looking back to his stronger start to the season, Holmberg's best performances came when he played with Engvall (and to a lesser extent, Sandin), so a question could be posed about who was truly propping up whom. Add the fact that he's Swedish and probably also somewhat torn by the friend group being dismantled it could be a while before Holmberg is a value-add callup.

In any case, here's hoping their development goes well in the long run. The prospect pipeline continues to see action; Niemelä + Hildeby join the Marlies this week and Knies (hopefully) signs in a few days. Not to mention Robertson is sure to be back next season, so the dream of a future Verhaeghe-level emergence from a pick outside the 1st round lives on!
Quote from: OldTimeHockey on March 01, 2023, 07:02:59 AMConnor Timmins has 7 less points in 30 less games.

↑ This is still the most important point.

Timmins' points-per-game is double Sandin's, and he's cheaper, and he signed early (i.e. didn't holdout for a contract). You don't need 3× d-men serving pure offence roles on a team, so keep two and maximize return on the third.
Quote from: cw on March 03, 2023, 04:17:53 PMI'll look out for the balance of it when they post it.
FYI YouTube lets users just "scroll back" to the start of a livestream (drag the timebar at the bottom, same way as with a regular video) even if it's in the middle of streaming live!

(Dubas also confirmed that Matthews is playing hurt, and slightly implied that Engvall and Sandin were salary cap casualties... although he never once said "we'll miss those guys" so perhaps he also felt they would be exposed in the playoffs by opposing teams/coaches)

Quote from: David AlterSheldon Keefe says Luke Schenn and Erik Gustafsson will make their debut tonight.  Aston-Reese and Liljegren come out and the team will go 11F and 7D.  Keefe says not so much an injury concern for Liljegren as it is getting the other guys in.

Keefe wasn't afraid to try Marner at D — is there any glimmer of hope we could try Rielly on F?
Quote from: Guilt Trip on March 01, 2023, 09:57:47 PMMcCabe is the only D without a minus tonight. Lots of options moving forward haha

Meanwhile, Nylander worst on the team at −3 at 5v5. It's possible he's just really sad about his buddies, and it will wear off with time.