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The way the Leafs prefer their defensemen to play from goaltender out:
- stop the cycle, free up puck for teammate
- disrupt the entry, free up puck for teammate
- pass the puck to the forwards where all the cap dollars are
- kettle the puck in the OZ by passing it to the forwards and pinching down the boards to stifle 50/50 breakouts

These shouldn't be too hard, or too expensive to find in the market. Once you try to get more scoring skill, that's when it starts to cost cap space.


No offensive element at all, but maxed out on all the defensive markers.

For a future 6th rd pick (trade with Carolina) this seems like a decent bet as we normally pick this type of project prospect in that range anyway, but this one is expedited to pro-playable.

Eligible for the playoffs (though realistically unlikely other than as a practice body). Not eligible for the Marlies but burns an ELC year.
Quote from: bustaheims on Yesterday at 10:35:38 AM
Quote from: cabber24 on Yesterday at 10:12:49 AMWhat do you think about PHI pulling their goalie when they were already eliminated? I guess Tororella didn't know PHI was already eliminated when he pulled the goalie (minutes in real-time). I think Detroit has a right to be pissy about the situation. This is the NHL and teams should not be pulling goalies in a tie game when the outcome does not affect their team. I feel Tororella should have been told by his organization not to pull his goalie since they were already eliminated. Had PHI won DET would be in the playoffs.

If Philly/Torts had ample time to be informed they were eliminated, sure, but, with the information they had at the time, they believed they needed a regulation win to have a shot at a playoff spot. And, the league shouldn't be dictating strategies to teams. It's not like they decided they preferred to see Washington in that spot ahead of Detroit.

The Wings can be as upset as they want, but there was little that could be done to really avoid this situation. The Flyers were doing everything they felt could maximize their chances of making the playoffs. That's their right. It's not their fault the Wings needed everything to go their way in various teams' final games of the season.

I saw a tweet saying they had about 90 seconds between being eliminated and Tortorella pulling the goalie. There's literally no time unless someone on staff was watching the other game.
Quote from: CarltonTheBear on Yesterday at 08:05:58 AM
Quote from: herman on Yesterday at 07:22:28 AMIf he plays with Domi (on a relatively cheap deal) all next season, he might hit 80.

I don't think people are ready for what Marner in a contract year next season is going to look like.

Is it going to look like what he does every time there is pressure on him to perform?
If he plays with Domi (on a relatively cheap deal) all next season, he might hit 80.
Matthews would have like 90 goals this season if the post shots bounded inward.
If we hadn't been forcing the puck to one player the whole game...