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Good to see him get a game. Have to think he's back with the Leafs next week. Maybe a relatively safe first start against Arizona on Thursday.
Quote from: OldTimeHockey on February 22, 2024, 12:58:14 PMAre we assuming that Giordano will drop to the #7 spot?

If the Leafs acquire another defenceman at the deadline then yeah I mean him and Benoit would need to share the 6/7 spots. I'd give Benoit the leg up if I had to pick right now but Keefe could certainly decide to go with the veteran instead.

It could also come down to who the Leafs pick up. If it's someone like Carrier or Dumba then Benoit's size/toughness would still be more of a need on the blue line. If it's someone like Tanev or Lyubushkin then maybe not.

Regardless it's very likely both would see playing time at some point in the playoffs.
Babcock was the one who stuck to that policy religiously.
Quote from: princedpw on February 22, 2024, 12:37:58 PMAny thoughts after seeing Dumba last night?  Is he good at defense? Is he a reasonable investment on the right with Rielly?

I think he'd probably be fine as a Plan C/D option at the last minute, but I wouldn't give up more than a mid-round pick for him. He's a RHD that could play with Rielly which accomplishes the goal of keeping the other two pairings together but he hasn't exactly had a good season with Arizona so doesn't move the needle all that much.
Quote from: Bender on February 22, 2024, 12:22:57 PMHow do we feel about our C position? Feels odd to have Domi as the 2C...

I think in situations where Tavares and Nylander are split up like this the distinction between the 2nd and 3rd lines is entirely meaningless.

With that said I feel roughly the same way I would if Tavares was 2C and Domi 3C: it creates a middle-6 forward group that can't really be expected to handle defensive assignments consistently. That puts a lot of pressure on the 1st and 4th lines to do so. I don't think that's a problem that can really be solved this season, especially if a guy like Henrique is going to cost a 1st rounder, so it's best to just accept them for what they are and hope to beef up the 4th line into something that can take some of the defensive pressure off the 1st line at times.
If Nashville ends up selling at the deadline I think acquiring a Carrier+Trenin duo from them could really round out the type of line-up we've had over the past week or so once everyone is back:




Trenin's a checking forward with good defensive metrics who can hit and kill penalties. Along with a returning Jarnkrok they could finally form a Kampf 4th line that can properly eat a ton of defensive minutes, which is key because even if that middle-6 forward group continues to play well they would still require some level of sheltering. Jarnkrok gets buried a little in this line-up which isn't entirely fair to him but he can still take shifts on any of the top-3 lines in certain situations to boost his minutes.

Carrier's an undersized, mobile two-way RHD who might not exactly be the ideal defenceman we're looking for but his defensive metrics are pretty good, he can kill penalties, and he can block a lot of shots. And if the play of the other two defensive pairings over the past week and a half can be counted on to continue then Rielly might not need a higher end partner to carry tough minutes since the load can be shared by everyone.

Alternatively a Sam Carrick+Ilya Lyubushkin rental duo from Anaheim could round out the line-up in similar ways (but not exactly be as good) if the Nashville duo is unattainable.
Vegas Golden Knights
32-18-6, 70 points
Toronto Maple Leafs
31-16-8, 70 points






Daniil Miromanov
Pontus Holmberg
Marshall Rifai
William Lagesson

•Mark Stone - Upper Body - Injured Reserve
•Jack Eichel - Knee - Injured Reserve
•William Carrier - Upper Body - Injured Reserve
•Tobias Bjornfot - Undisclosed - Injured Reserve
•Robin Lehner - Hip - Injured Reserve
•William Lagesson - Upper Body - Questionable
•Mark Giordano - Personal - Out
•Calle Jarnkrok - Hand - Injured Reserve
•Connor Timmins - Mononucleosis - Injured Reserve
•Joseph Woll - Lower Body - Injured Reserve
•John Klingberg - Lower Body - Injured Reserve

Game notes
•Adin Hill (14-5-2, 2.15 GAA, .929 Sv%) will likely start for the Golden Knights
•Hill is doing everything he can to prove that last years Stanley Cup Final win was no fluke. He currently sits 1st in save percentage among goalies with 20+ starts
•Vegas had a big blow to their line-up (but potentially a good one to their trade deadline cap space) in their last game as Mark Stone left with an injury and is expected to miss some time due to that

•Martin Jones (10-7-1, 2.69 GAA, .908 Sv%) will start for the Leafs
•The big news in this game will be the return of Morgan Rielly after serving his 5-game suspension. How Keefe constructs the defence with his return would be anyone's guess. I currently slotted him in as just replacing Rifai and although I'd love to see the current top-4 stick together for a little longer I'm not sure Keefe puts him there
•I'm making a guess that Ryan Reaves gets back into the line-up too in this game since it's a back to back and against his former team. Holmberg or Gregor would be the obvious candidates to sit in that case

NHL Webcast
Quote from: Arn on February 22, 2024, 05:45:25 AM
Quote from: Arn on January 19, 2024, 08:59:16 AM50 in 50 back on 😎

51 in 54.

He didn't miss it by much.

He still has a pretty good shot at a second career "unofficial" 50 in 50. 37 goals in his last 33 games.
What's the record for total powerplays in a game?
My god that's a 5 on 3 PP alright.
Damn, yeah I thought that entry looked offside even watching it live.

Great shot and PP chances from the second unit though.

Brodie just doesn't make those types of plays on his weak side in the offensive zone.