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Armchair GM 2021-2022: Catharsis

Started by herman, June 02, 2021, 09:43:47 AM

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You know you're thinking about it already. Which no-good bum who struggled to produce anything tangible in a 7 game sample do we need to dump?

If you're thinking about Seth Jones, do yourself a favour and just replace those two words with Miro Heiskanen so people don't laugh at you up front.

I'll start!

To LAK: Mitch Marner (signing bonus paid, 4x 10.903M), Morgan Rielly (1x 5M)
To TOR: 2022 1st, Quinton Byfield, Akil Thomas, Olli Maataa, Matt Roy, whatever buriable spare parts they want to dump

Why would LA do this?
Huge jumpstart for their impressive prospect pool on the cusp of entering the league. Immediately adds the speed they seek, especially on the backend and extending the viability of their two big tickets (Doughty, Kopitar). It's a lopsided trade on the cap side, but there isn't much real cash left on Marner's deal and it's a surefire top-end player to bridge the gap between the old Cup winners and the upcoming kids.

Why would Toronto do this?
Byfield is a high pick, but a project (they loooove projects) and is some higher-end centre depth. Thomas has existing chemistry with two Leaf prospects (SDA, Nicky Bobby) and he sort of buried pretty deep behind Turcotte, Vilardi, and the aforementioned Kopitar. Matt Roy is a good middle D get to replace Holl, Maataa is a dump.
"Can't let the poison get to you"

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