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Messages - A Weekend at Bernier's

Quote from: herman on May 29, 2023, 12:35:38 PMhttps://www.pensionplanpuppets.com/roster-structure-maple-leafs-offseason-cap-space/
PPP goes over the roster makeover mechanics (lots of space! but lots of requirements) and while there is a way we could just skate by with the regular moves, I still think a Marner move for the right pieces (primarily a 2C+) is how to push this in the right direction for the interim and long term. Splitting that 11M into two higher end players improves the depth without too much of a dent in the star power. UFA crop is poop and overpriced. June/at or before the draft is the time to make the move.

It's a great article, thanks for the reference.

Honest question: why would moving off the Murray contract imply some sort of asset going with him to make it happen?  Would the Leafs not be in a position to simply eat the last year of his contract and send him through waivers to the Marlies?  If the unthinkable happens and Murray remains healthy and plays well he'd be eligible for callup or that much more appealing as a potential waiver pickup. 
Quote from: herman on May 19, 2023, 01:47:46 PMGM: Tulsky or Pridham (Assisted by Spezza)
Coach: Rikard Gronborg
2C: Elias Lindholm
Which Core 4 to sacrifice on the altar of doing something: Marner
His trade return: Elias Lindholm, Rasmus Andersson

Edit: weelllllp

I'll skip past the coach and GM speculation and turn to the Core 4 trade proposal.  Admittedly, I lifted the idea from an online article, but the idea of a Carolina-Leafs deal centred around Marner makes a lot of sense in my mind. Marner for Seth Jarvis and Brett Pesce, anyone?
Quote from: Nik on May 12, 2023, 10:17:41 PM
Quote from: A Weekend at Bernier's on May 12, 2023, 10:05:55 PMUltimately, the window of opportunity is quickly closing and that's what's most disappointing to me. 

I just don't buy that. When you have core players as good as the ones the Leafs have the window is bigger and open longer than usual. Again I'll point to the Caps not winning until Ovechkin's Draft +14 year.

They might have to make some adjustments here and there but as long as the Leafs have that sort of talent around the window is open.

All things being equal, I agree with you, Nik.  But the window is closing from a salary cap perspective.  Bunting, for instance, is a significant contributor.  He will not play in Toronto for $900k again.  Can you replace him at that salary?  Maybe Knies can get you part way but 60+ points is a pretty high bar.  Can Gio do what he did this year at $750?  Samsonov? 

The fact is Nylander and Matthews need new deals this summer.  They will not play at the rates they're currently at.  The issue, for me, is that the salary cap environment. 

I'll admit I'm also pretty dismayed that Matthews  seems unable to elevate his game in the playoffs the way other players of his ilk seem to do more often.  But I'm trying to be rational.
Ultimately, the window of opportunity is quickly closing and that's what's most disappointing to me.  The winning was supposed to have happened by now.  The team is designed as an offensive powerhouse and yet, repeatedly, cannot seem to play to its strengths in rhe playoffs.  For me, something significant has to give.  Seven years of awfully similar results....feels a lot like the Raptors before they dealt DeRozan.
Good win.  Keep going, one at a time, three more.
I hate being "that guy" but honestly Jarnkrok has been awful.
Quote from: Bender on May 10, 2023, 08:18:15 PMHas anyone been more invisible than Jarnkrok?

No, not even close.
Quote from: Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate on May 10, 2023, 07:51:12 PMBunting: "I'm f***ing bleeding!"

Ok, but seriously, how is that not a four minute penalty?
Quote from: Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate on April 29, 2023, 09:17:25 PM19 frigging years.....  this feels so good.

It feels really, really, really good.

Sweet relief!
Quote from: RedLeaf on February 28, 2023, 05:20:35 PM
Quote from: CarltonTheBear on February 28, 2023, 05:05:56 PM
Quote from: Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate on February 28, 2023, 05:02:50 PMI'm not sure I'm on board with the roster changing THIS much.  Keefe is going to have his hands full figuring it all out.

I'll give you this, I didn't like a 1st round loss should cost Dubas his job before. But if THIS completely blows up in his face that might be another story.

See. I see this from the opposite viewpoint. Im guessing Dubas is thinking, if I'm let go no matter how well I've done as GM to date if we lose another first round, I need to go all in here. Self preservation.

Respectfully, I disagree.  Maybe I'm drinking the Kool-Aid, but I believe Dubas when he says this isn't about him.  This is about giving this group - Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Tavares and Reilly - the best chance at playoff success.  Time is fleeting, the core is at their peak, and realistically there's this year and probably next and then major changes will be needed.  The time is now and Dubas is supporting the team as best as humanely possible.   
So what does the lineup look like now??