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Quote from: herman on Yesterday at 09:15:51 AM
Quote from: Arn on Yesterday at 09:01:31 AMThat video mostly just makes me miss trips to Germany for hockey.

There's quite a big jump from DEL to NHL, even to AHL, so I'll be intrigued to see how this pans out.

Do you think moving back to the smaller North American ice would be do Mattinen's benefit, given his skating is on the weaker side? It should be easier to close on opposing skaters with his reach. Not as much room to shoot, but he's not really being brought in for that.

The DEL is quite quick, but definitely part of that is from the larger ice - more space to dodge checks etc.

That also means that it would be a bit less "physical". What I mean by that is that actually it's still physical as in there's still tough guys and board battles etc. It's just that with the extra space there's maybe fewer board battles, so a little less intensity.

So potentially the smaller surface will benefit him if he's sound positionally, but equally it may take time to adjust to that extra speed and intensity on the smaller surface where things are on you quicker than you expect.
That video mostly just makes me miss trips to Germany for hockey.

There's quite a big jump from DEL to NHL, even to AHL, so I'll be intrigued to see how this pans out.
General NHL News & Views / Re: 2023-24 NHL Thread
April 14, 2024, 07:35:10 AM
Are they going to be the Utah Saints?

I only watched to see if Matthews could score.

I'm uninspired overall. I might go to bed.
So it's going to be one of THOSE games.
Booo Marner. Pass it to Matthews.
That's some stat. Not just the 68 goals but 20 posts hit.

Could have 88 goals if he was 1cm more accurate.
Toronto Blue Jays / Re: 2024 Blue Jays
April 11, 2024, 06:14:35 AM
Quote from: Bender on April 10, 2024, 06:10:41 PMJust came back from the Jays game. That was brutal. So hard to root for a team like this. Woof.

I was watching on TV. As soon as they hit the HR in extra innings I turned off. Knew that was it done. Was surprised to see they even tacked a few more on when I checked the final result later on too.
Would like to see Matthews pot 5 tonight.
In football (soccer) it's not allowed. In fact, not even wedding rings etc are allowed. (I have a nice wedding ring horror injury story from a football match I was at back in the mid 1990s that demonstrates why).
Quote from: bustaheims on April 03, 2024, 07:48:50 AM
Quote from: cw on April 02, 2024, 09:07:43 PMI'm sure MLSE looked at it - probably briefly.
There is a lot of baggage taking over a team as there is with any business.
An existing rink deal that might have contributed to the demise for example.
New owner of a new franchise can get a cleaner start.
Mile One (or Mary Brown or whatever it is called now) has no hockey tenant again.
They're not in the greatest negotiating position.
As well, ECHL travel costs may be a prohibitive factor too against the viability in Newfoundland - as they were with the AHL & QMJHL.
Until this season, the Growlers performed very well in NF. (Championship + 2 conf finals)
Maybe the Leafs need to look for an ECHL location closer to Toronto. I bet a bunch of existing ECHL teams would love to take the Leafs money and benefits of a willingness to fully stock and develop the system.

Nearly 10% of current NHL players have played a game or more in the ECHL.

I suspect that's what's going to happen. Leafs likely still want their own ECHL affiliate, and having one closer to the rest of the organization is definitely in their benefit.

St Johns just seems like one of those places that is just a little too cut off to make sustainable.

I wonder if MLSE would let the current company fold then set up its own in St Johns knowing they'll need to subsidise other clubs transport costs, or if this is right and they're going to try and find something more local.

How much is the Marlies rink used outside of Marlies games? Could it host ECHL also?
Quote from: Highlander on April 06, 2024, 05:21:10 PM
Quote from: Guilt Trip on April 06, 2024, 01:23:38 PM
Quote from: Highlander on April 06, 2024, 11:51:51 AM
Quote from: herman on April 06, 2024, 11:25:48 AMThe Marlies have enough players now for two teams.
Even better Herman, as we can now cherry pick the best players. Imagine if Greybonkin becomes available.
Thats actually not good. Players need to play to develop.
Get rid of some of the deadwood like the guys who are never going to get a spin in the big show and play the hell out of our real top prospects

Yes. And then when we do need guys to fill out the roster in future round the young they won't sign cos they (or their friends) got treated like shit. Good idea.
Quote from: Bender on April 07, 2024, 11:42:48 PMSammy's goalie stats against his wins record is downright nutty.

It's quite 1980s
General NHL News & Views / Re: 2023-24 NHL Thread
April 06, 2024, 03:10:13 PM
 Very entertaining game that was.

Now Boston and Florida.

Good evening for scouting Leafs playoff opponents!