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For fun, you decide the spreads of the games.

So if you think Steelers by 3 over Denver and they win by 4, your score will be +1..if they won by 2, your score will still be one...If they won by 14, your score will be 11,etc...

So the closer to zero in this pool, the better it is..no Yahoo accounts to sign up for, just put your picks in here.

The schedule is as follows...

Cincinnati @ Houston
Detroit @ New Orleans
Atlanta @ NY Giants
Pittsburgh @ Denver

Will make the deadline Saturday 4pm..just before the first playoff game.

Good Luck!  8)

Any questions, just post here, and I will answer them within 24 hrs..

I'm down...

Cincy by 6
NO by 13
Atl by 4
Pitt by 10

Cincinnati @ Houston - 7
Detroit @ New Orleans - 3
Atlanta @ NY Giants - 10
Pittsburgh @ Denver - 3

L K:
Houston by 3
NO by 10
Atlanta by 6
Pittsburgh by 10 

Bleeding Blue & White:
Houston 7
New Orleans 10
New York 3
Pittsburgh 14

go big or go home!


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