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Rugby World Cup - New Zealand 2011

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Seymore Pucks:

--- Quote from: Stumpy on October 16, 2011, 06:47:13 AM ---The Finals are set: New Zealand vs. France. This is the match I was hoping for, but on paper it looks like New Zealand is a heavy favorite. Despite advancing to the championship game, France has looked downright ugly at times, dropping two games in the pool stage and barely beating out Wales in the semifinals while outnumbering them 15 to 14 for most of the game. New Zealand also beat France handily in the pool stage, 37-17. The one advantage France has going into this game is they are healthier, as the All Blacks are without their top two flyhalves, including Dan Carter, who most contend is the top player in the game.

--- End quote ---
Dan Carter is a little over rated IMO opinion but still a very good player.  Colin Slade who went down a groin injury was probably a blessing in disguise as Cruden is way better.  Out tight 5 should domnite the French like we did against Australia last weekend, but the French have upset us numerous times in the past and are actually the last team to beat the AB's at Eden Park.  Pretty much the whole CBD is been shut down for foot traffic.  Its going to be huge here on Sunday night...can't wait!


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